The incredible reversal of the Champions League: six months ago, Spurs almost lost their group.

 The incredible reversal of the Champions League: six months ago, Spurs almost lost their group.

In this seasons Champions League group matches, Spurs were divided into Group B, with Barcelona, Inter and Eindhoven in the same group, which is regarded as the group of death. Spurs did not start well in the Champions League. The first round of group matches was reversed in the 86th and 92nd minutes, losing 1-2 away to Inter. Spurs lost 2-4 at home to Barcelona in the second group match and 2-2 away in the third against Eindhoven, the weakest team in the group.

Last October, Spurs scored a poor record of 1-2 in the first three rounds of the Champions League. Many people thought that they would not be able to qualify from the group and would have to fight for a third place in the group to play in the Europa League.

However, the Spurs managers did not give up. They recovered well in the next three rounds of group games, defeated Eindhoven 2-1 at home in the fourth round, and Cain scored twice in the 78th and 89th minutes. The fifth round also won 1-0 at home against Inter, gaining the advantage of away goals in the direct confrontation between the two teams.

However, in the last round of the group match, Spurs conceded a goal in the opening seven minutes, but Lucas Jr. equalized in the 85th minute. Inter were tied 1-1 at home by Eindhoven, who had been confirmed to be the bottom of the group. Tottenham and Inter eventually accumulated 8 points. However, Spurs beat Inter by scoring more goals away from home to get the second successful exit of the group.

In the eighth finals, Spurs beat Dortmund at home and away twice to advance easily, but in the quarter-finals, their opponent was Manchester City, the Premier League leader. In the first round, Spurs beat Manchester City 1-0 at home. Aguero also missed a penalty, and in the second round, Spurs lost 3-4 to Manchester City, but successfully eliminated their opponents by virtue of the advantage of many away goals.

Spurs also won a thrilling Champions League semi-final against Ajax, losing 1-0 at home in the first leg, which made their way to promotion very difficult. In this round, Spurs lost two goals in the first half, and the total score was 0-3 down. But Lucas Jr. scored a hat-trick in the second half, including a winning winner in the fifth minute of extra time. Spurs again advanced by scoring more goals away from home.

In this seasons Champions League matches, Spurs teams exit depends on the advantage of away goals, quarter-finals rely on the advantage of away goals, and semi-finals also rely on the advantage of away goals. Spurs have won six games in the Champions League this season, five of which were small wins with one goal. Only a 3-0 win over Dortmund in the first round of the eighth finals was a big score. It can be said that Spurs trembled on their way to the Champions League final, but they finally wrote history.

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