A doctors outpatient sticker says it will add as many numbers as possible: at least one hundred times a day

 A doctors outpatient sticker says it will add as many numbers as possible: at least one hundred times a day

Friends: As far as I can, Ill give you a plus sign. Its a long queue, but please wait patiently. It will be afternoon after the 40th. Thank you for your cooperation. This note is posted behind the computer screen of Ma Jing, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, deputy director of Gynecology of Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

On May 8, Ma Jingxiang Peng-mei said that she had tried her best to unrestricted plus number from the beginning of her outpatient work in 2015. The half-day outpatient clinic every Sunday morning lasted almost to the end of work at 8 pm. She watched at least 100 numbers a day and 136 numbers a day at most.

Many patients come all the way, its not easy and the cost is high. Because the limit is not shown, I can not bear to add as much as possible. This note is to reassure the patient. Ma Jing said that his less rest, can facilitate so many patients, it is worth it.

Pengmei News from the official website of Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine) found that the gynecology of traditional Chinese medicine in the hospital is a key discipline in Zhejiang Province. Ma Jings outpatient schedule is on Monday, Sunday morning, Tuesday and Friday afternoon.

Monday afternoon there is a ward work, can not always be in the outpatient clinic, Sunday afternoon was originally a rest, you can see more outpatient clinics, basically can see 100-120 numbers. On Tuesday and Friday afternoons, the number of outpatient clinics increased to 70 or 80, and it was not until 89 p.m. Ma Jing said that with the plus sign in the back line, she would let the patients go to work or have dinner first, indicating when to come again, so as not to delay time.

She said that patients in gynecology department of traditional Chinese medicine often need multiple visits and a long medication cycle. Although the registration reservation channel has been perfected, there are still many patients who can not be registered and can only be added, The plus sign is the norm of our department. My doctor, Mr. He Jialin, is over 70 years old. She arrived at the clinic at 7 a.m. on the morning. Our director, Zhang Qinqin, had a bad waist and wore a bracket. Insist on outpatient service - all in order to see more patients.

Ma Jing said that most patients understand the doctor very well. It is the most satisfying time for them to hear a simple you worked hard or to see the old patients recover from illness.

Source: Xiao Qi_N6799, responsible editor of Pengwei News