Fake HPV Vaccine in Hainan: More than one person has received the refund from the hospital concerned

 Fake HPV Vaccine in Hainan: More than one person has received the refund from the hospital concerned

Screenshots of refund transfers received by parties

On May 8, several parties told Peng Mei News (www.thepaper.cn) that they had received a refund of 9,000 yuan from Yinfeng Hospital, with the attached note refund of vaccines on behalf of Meipermen.

Relevant transfer records show that at 16:12 on the 7th, a client received a remittance from Yinfeng Hospital. The bank summary on the relevant documents was marked as 2212 Generation Meipermen Refund Vaccine of Hainan Boao Yinfeng Kangyang International Hospital Co., Ltd.

According to Peng Mei News, the police of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, have intervened in the investigation of the aforementioned criminal cases involving fake HPV vaccine, which are listed and supervised by the Ministry of Public Security. Due to the complexity of the case, involving hundreds of people, the relevant departments decided to arrest detainees in batches.

In addition to the employees of the company concerned, 37 other citizens, arranged by Wang Lina, the head of Meipo (or Bo) Gate Company, went to Yinfeng Hospital for HPV vaccination.

Several of the parties then received phone calls from the police before they learned that their vaccines were fake.

In the name of cooperation, Yinfeng Hospital illegally lent hospital departments to Meibermen Company to illegally carry out cervical cancer vaccination business, the Hainan Provincial Health Committee reported.

On April 30, the Qionghai Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government of Hainan Province held a meeting to consult with the aforementioned vaccinators. Regarding the inadequate supervision of the vaccination incident, any Pengfei, member of the Standing Committee of the Qionghai Municipal Committee, member of the Work Committee of the International Medical Tourism Pioneer Area of Boaole City and Deputy member of the Management Committee, apologized to the parties to the aforementioned vaccine incident.

In April, Wang Lina, suspected of producing and selling counterfeit drugs, hoped that the parties involved in the aforementioned vaccine incident would sign the Agreement of Reconciliation and the Letter of Understanding, on the condition of refunding 9000 yuan of vaccination fee and paying 1500 yuan of medical examination fee, in order to seek reconciliation and understanding, requiring the handling unit to lighten, mitigate or exempt Party A (Note: Wang Lina et al.) according to law. Punishment.

Source: Xiao Qi_N6799, responsible editor of Pengwei News