A New Type of Fraud in Hangzhou: Inducing Men to Refill with Special Services

 A New Type of Fraud in Hangzhou: Inducing Men to Refill with Special Services

A new type of fraud has appeared in Hangzhou: the suggestion of special service is to induce men to overcharge (source:)

Peng Mei News learned from Binjiang Branch Bureau of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau on May 8 that the local police recently cracked a new type of fraud case, in which the local police sent information suggesting Yellow-Related services and set up bureaus with pornographic services as bait to induce consumers to come to the scene for high recharge and seek improper profits. At present, eight suspects have been detained by the police for suspected fraud, and the case is still under further investigation.

Since March this year, Binjiang police have received reports from the public that they have received calls from upscale mens clubs that promote pornography and promise to provide pornographic services, or that they have been added with micro-letters.

Xiaoqiang (alias) is a white-collar worker in Hangzhou. Not long ago, a woman named Somewhere International added his message. The woman named Sisi said: We are here in Hangzhou, a high-end mens decompression club, luxurious decoration, private and quiet, all the service personnel are strictly screened models, while enjoying sensory stimulation in the maintenance of health...

Then Sisi sent some beautiful pictures to Xiaoqiang, and continued to send ambiguous words. Later Xiaoqiang arrived at the club and was taken into a room with Sanskrit sounds and veils. In the big bed room with red lights, the waitress dressed lightly and tall introduced the mysterious decompression project, and under the guidance of various related to yellow, Xiaoqiangnao charged the lowest membership fee of 30,000 yuan.

The scene of the arrest. Police map

After experience, Xiaoqiang found that the service content is to watch dance, massage and other regular health projects, usually online group purchase price of one or two hundred yuan.

Xiaoqiang was very angry. He called the shopkeeper to question him and asked for a refund. But the operator refused to refund and insisted that this is our special service.

Binjiang police investigation found that a health management consulting company registered in the jurisdiction had such behavior. In early April, the police launched a centralized arrest of the companys premises and arrested eight suspects.

The scene of the arrest. Police map

After examination, the staff of the club has a clear division of labor, including shop owners, makeup artists, dancers, lookouts and so on. They send messages with hints of Yellow-Related services to induce consumers to attend high-value recharge consumption. In fact, they only provide non-pornographic services such as dancing, tea performances, normal massage and so on. After high recharge, more consumers are ashamed to call the police for failing to achieve their goals. Although they know they are deceived, they still give up recovering their rights and interests.

Binjiang police said they would continue to crack down on such companies.

Source: Peng Mei News Author: Zhang Liu Tao, Editor-in-Charge: Xiao Qi_NN6799