Family members of Chinese engineers killed in a car crash at Apple Inc. sued Tesla

 Family members of Chinese engineers killed in a car crash at Apple Inc. sued Tesla

According to foreign media reports, the families of the victims of a Tesla car accident sued Tesla Company. The family alleged that Tesla Autopilot had a performance defect and that the companys false and untrue advertising of the system led to the tragedy.

In March last year, Walter Huang, a 38-year-old Apple engineer, crashed into a roadside safety barrier while driving a Tesla Model X on the freeway, causing a car to catch fire and die. When the accident happened, the vehicle turned on automatic driving mode.

Attorneys representing Huang Weiluns family said that Tesla lost her husband and two children lost their father because she used real driving to test her system. Lawyers said in a statement that the families of the victims hoped to prevent the tragedy from happening again to other Tesla owners through litigation.

In a statement released Wednesday, the plaintiffs lawyer said Teslas navigation system misread the lane line and failed to find the cement barrier. Instead of braking in time, it accelerated.

His family claimed that Teslas marketing of its autopilot system gave the dead Huang Wei an exaggerated impression of the performance of the technology. Huang Weiluns family believes that the tragic accident is caused by the problem of Teslas autopilot system.

It is reported that Tesla has been gradually increasing the complexity of the driving assistance system, and promised to provide its vehicles with fully automatic driving function by the end of this year. But some commentators say that the autopilot system brings false security to vehicle drivers and there are hidden dangers.

Source: Global Network Comprehensive Responsibility Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056