Can Megan Harrys baby succeed to the British throne and run for president of the United States?

 Can Megan Harrys baby succeed to the British throne and run for president of the United States?

Queen Elizabeth II, 93, ushered in her eighth great-grandson.

Princess Megan and Prince Harrys first baby was born at 5:26 BST on May 6, 2019. According to a Buckingham Palace statement, this is a 7-pound, 3-ounce boy.

Prince Harry, who accompanied Megan, told reporters excitedly after the baby was born, Its amazing. Its amazing. Its the most amazing experience I can imagine.

So far, the names and looks of Megan and Harrys babies have not been announced. But Prince Harry said he would release the information in two days.

However, according to CNN, one thing is certain that Megan and Harrys babies are the first British Royal babies of both British and American nationalities.

So, the father is Prince Harry, the sixth heir to the British throne, and the mother is Princess Megan, an American British princess. Is this new baby of the British royal family of great concern able to inherit the British throne and run for the presidency of the United States?

Is it not prince or count?

According to the BBC, the birth of Princess Megan did not continue the tradition of the British royal family for decades. She and Prince Harry chose not to publish specific information about the birth of their baby.

Before Prince Megan, Prince Williams wife, Princess Kate, Harry and Williams mother, Princess Diana, were all born in the Lindo Wing Deluxe Labor Room at St. Marys Hospital in London, and their mothers took pictures of their babies in front of the hospital hours after birth.

However, the production of Princess Megan still attracts worldwide media attention. In addition, in addition to Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the royal family welcoming the arrival of the new baby, British Prime Minister Teresa May, Australian Prime Minister Morrison, New Zealand Prime Minister Adrian and other dignitaries also expressed their wishes for the arrival of the new baby.

Unlike cousins, however, the babies of Prince Harry (Duke of Sussex) and Princess Megan (Duchess of Sussex) are not called Prince but may be Earl.

Queen Elizabeth II conferred the titles of Duke of Sussex, Earl of Dunbarton and Baron Kirkell on Prince Harry before his wedding, according to the Canadian National Post. Therefore, according to the Royal tradition, if the Queen does not confer other titles, Prince Harrys eldest son will inherit a slightly lower title from his father - that is, to become Earl of Dumbarton.

How likely is the seventh successor to succeed?

Although there may be no prince title, Prince Harrys new baby will be the seventh in line with the British throne succession rules.

In front of him were Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth IIs eldest son, Prince William, Prince George, Prince Williams eldest son, Prince Charlotte, Prince Williams second daughter, Prince Louis, Prince Williams younger brother, Prince Harry.

Caroline Harris, a European monarchy expert, reported in the Atlantic Monthly that although new babies rank seventh in the British throne succession, previous succession precedents show that seventh-in-line heirs generally receive a lot of attention only at birth, and that attention will gradually decrease thereafter.

Harris said that as new babies grow up, their inheritance order generally falls behind, because more royal babies will be born, squeezing their inheritance order more and more backward. Seventh-in-line heirs also take part in Royal activities, but they also have the opportunity to pursue their own independent career.

According to previous reports, Megan and Harry decided to break the tradition of not exposing their babies to the public too much, partly because the seventh-in-line heirs would not inherit the throne, and they wanted their babies to have a more ordinary life.

Can bi-national babies run for president of the United States?

After the birth of a new royal baby with a British father and an American mother, the most interesting question is whether he has dual British and American nationality. If so, does that mean that he can also run for president of the United States?

According to the Associated Press, due to the relationship between parents, the new baby will automatically have dual British and American nationalities.

There is no law in the United States to allow dual nationality, but there is no law to prohibit dual nationality. According to the State Department website, only one parent is American, and if a child born outside the territory of the United States wants to become an American citizen, an American father or mother must live in the United States for more than 14 years, of which at least two are after the age of 14.

Princess Megan was born in Los Angeles, the United States, apparently in line with these requirements. However, it was reported that Princess Megan and Prince Harry did not disclose whether they would apply for American citizenship for their babies. Princess Megan herself is applying to become a British citizen, but the process is difficult to complete in the short term, the Daily Mail reported.

So, if the new royal baby confirms that he has two nationalities, will he be able to run for president of the United States when he grows up?

According to the U.S. Constitution, the president must be 35 years old, live in the United States for more than 14 years, and be a naturally born American citizen.

According to Newsweek, because the Constitution does not explain the meaning of naturally born citizens, there are different interpretations of this point. Some people believe that a naturally born citizen is a person who has American nationality at birth, regardless of whether or not he or she was born on American soil.

Therefore, whether the new baby of the British royal family will be able to participate in the US presidential election in the future is still unknown.

Source: Foreign Affairs Responsible Editor: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331