Shenzhen College Entrance Examination Immigrants Tracking: Only Northern Qing critical students have been investigated

 Shenzhen College Entrance Examination Immigrants Tracking: Only Northern Qing critical students have been investigated

According to Xinhua Daily Telegraph, Fuyuan School, a private school in Shenzhen, has crushed other schools in the second simulated exam of Senior Three in the city recently, accounting for 6 of the top 10 science schools in the city. Some parents suspected that some of the students in the school were immigrants to Hengshui College Entrance Examination. They were worried about undermining the fairness of education.

The relevant departments in Shenzhen recently confirmed that more than 10 students from Fuyuan School entered the second mode top 100 students from Hebei Hengshui first middle school (Note: high school). (Note: Fuyuan school has 16 students entering the top 100 of Shenzhens two models in 2019). At present, Shenzhen has set up a special working group to conduct an investigation, and the Guangdong Provincial Education Department issued a circular on the 5th, requesting all localities to set up a special action Working Group on college entrance examination immigrants to investigate the conditions of transferring students from other provinces.

Question on the Emergence of Different Armies of Fuyuan School Achievements

Shenzhen Fuyuan School has emerged as a new force in the second simulated exam of Shenzhen Senior Three. Of the 13 candidates in the top 10, 6 came from Fuyuan School, which is more than the sum of four famous schools in Shenzhen, such as Shenzhen Middle School, while the top 50 schools in Shenzhen also accounted for 13, ranking second.

Strong contrast has aroused many concerns and doubts. Some parents said that in the past three years, the admission scores of Fuyuan School were nearly 100 points lower than those of the four key high schools. In addition, the school studentsperformance gap was serious. The sudden backlash should be caused by immigrants to the college entrance examination.

Parents also found that the number of high-level students in Fuyuan College Entrance Examination increased sharply in 2018 compared with previous years. Nine students were admitted to Peking University and Tsinghua University. Among them, the names of many students also appeared in the performance publicity reports of many schools in Hebei Province.

According to public reports, Zhang Mouyu, who was admitted to Tsinghua University by Fuyuan School in 2018, was enrolled in Fuyuan School in junior high school and senior high school, but he also appeared in the happy newspaper of Yuhua Middle School Entrance Examination in Handan City, Hebei Province in 2015. The reporter found on the website of Hebei Hengshui No. 1 Middle School that Yan Moqi, who was admitted to Tsinghua University by Fuyuan School in 2018, appeared in an activity report on the website in April 2017. After comparison, the photos of the two students mentioned on the above website are basically the same as those of Fuyuan College Entrance Examination Happy Newspaper in 2018.

Fuyuan School was married to Hengshui Middle School in November 2016 and was listed as Shenzhen Fuyuan Branch of Hengshui Middle School. One parent said that if the marriage was turned into a new channel for immigrants in the college entrance examination, it would challenge the fairness of the college entrance examination of Guangdong students, and also set up a one-sided examination-oriented education and a negative orientation of the scoring theory.

Hebei students show up before the exam and return to Hebei after the exam.

Reporters learned from many parents that there are two ways to reverse Fuyuan school performance: on the one hand, from Hebei to dig top students into Guangdong household registration, in Shenzhen College Entrance Examination; on the other hand, recruit Guangdong children, school registration hanging in Fuyuan, send Hengshui class, and then return to Shenzhen College Entrance Examination.

Knowing that the last user who claimed to be a graduate of Hengshui Middle School in 2018 posted that he and Fuyuan students who were admitted to Tsinghua and Peking University in 2018 were classmates. The migration of household registration does exist, and it is in the third year of senior high school that some critical students in northern Qinghai have been selected. That is to say, the college entrance examination in Hebei Province may not be able to be admitted to Tsinghua and Peking University, but the probable rate of the college entrance examination in Guangdong can be higher than that in northern Qinghai. Some parents told reporters that the admission score of Qinghuabei University in Guangdong was more than 20 points lower than that of Hebei.

Fuyuan School, located in Baoan District of Shenzhen City, was founded in 1999, about 30 kilometers from the city center. It is a high-end private school with a 15-year boarding system. In general classes, the tuition fee of primary school is more than 40,000 yuan a year, that of senior high school is more than 50,000 yuan a year, and that of senior international class is about 150,000 yuan a year.

Reporters recently came to Fuyuan School, a senior high school student said that a top student in the class was selected to study in Hebei in the second half of 2018, We do not know when he will come back. In addition, a former Fuyuan graduate told reporters that the legendary Fuyuan model is true, Hebei students will appear a day or two before the exam, and return to Hebei after the exam.

A parent of a 2018 graduate from Fuyuan University told reporters that his sons supernormal class was the best grade class. Two students in the class went to Hengshui to study in Senior Three. The first student in the class was admitted by Nanjing University with 659 marks.

Relevant departments confirmed that many students transferred from Hengshui No. 1 Middle School to investigate the problem will be seriously accountable.

Reporters came to Fuyuan School on April 30 to interview whether there is a college entrance examination immigrants problem, the schools responsible person told reporters, based on the survey results published by Shenzhen Education Bureau.

At present, an investigation team has been set up in Shenzhen to investigate whether Fuyuan School has the problems of separation of nationality and immigrants for college entrance examination. Earlier, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Education, in response to outside doubts, said that, after verification, Fuyuan School in Shenzhen applied for college entrance examination registration of students are eligible for the Guangdong Province College Entrance Examination.

On May 5, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education issued the Notice on Administering Migrants for College Entrance Examinations, requesting all localities to set up a special action group on Migrants for College Entrance Examinations to carry out the special action on Migrants for College Entrance Examinations, and to conduct a comprehensive survey on the transfer conditions of students transferred from other provinces to general high schools in Guangdong Province before May 10, focusing on checking whether their school registration and household registration are transferred or not. Legitimate compliance.

According to the Notice on the Enrollment of Universities Enrollment Examination in Guangdong Province in 2019, non-Cantonese household registration candidates and parents must have two legitimate and three years conditions, namely, legal and stable occupation, legal and stable residence, as well as school roll, social security and residence permit for three years each.

In reply to Xinhua news agency, the relevant departments of Shenzhen said that 1 of the top 100 students in Fuyuan School entered Shenzhen this year, 1 from Henan province and the other 10 students from Hengshui No. 1 middle school.

In interviews with reporters, many parents said that the model of Fuyuan School is to marry with famous schools - to obtain high-score students - to expand visibility - to form advantages in the region. This mode reflects the utilitarianism and drawbacks of examination-oriented education.

With the opening of college entrance examination in many places, and the uneven quality of education and opportunities for further education, there have been many immigration incidents in Fujian, Hainan, Xinjiang and other places. Educators believe that it is necessary to plug the loopholes in the management of college entrance examination and student status in different places and prevent the impartiality of education from being undermined.

Xiong Bingqi, deputy dean of the 21st Century Institute of Education, said that Shenzhens education department should investigate whether candidates have more hidden vacancies. The so-called vacancy is to hang their students somewhere, but students go to other places to study and come back to take the exam in this place. Although three years of school roll can be met to have the conditions for college entrance examination registration, but we must pay attention to whether students have continuous school roll.

Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Education said that the personnel and units involved in verifying the qualification of college entrance examination by means of abnormal transfer of registered permanent residence, falsification of registered permanent residence, and false certification materials, as well as those who violate the regulations in registering for college entrance examination, will be dealt with and accountable in accordance with the law and regulations.

Source: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675, Responsible Editor of Southern Metropolitan Daily