Barcelonas 442 goals are only one goal.

 Barcelonas 442 goals are only one goal.

Liverpool beat Newcastle 3-2 away in the last league. In the game, Salah head-on collided with Newcastle goalkeeper, he was carried off the stretcher. Salah was not taken to hospital after the game and Liverpool officials did not disclose his injury. British media said that Salah will undergo a detailed medical examination on Monday to determine whether he can play in Barcelona. Radio Sell had learnt from Liverpools insider that Salah was no longer likely to play in Barcelona.

If neither Fermino nor Salah can play, Liverpools Trident will leave Mane healthy. Considering Liverpools 3-0 defeat in the first leg, the difficulty of the Redsreversal can be imagined. After last seasons humiliating reversal by Roma, Barcelona has become more pragmatic. Sports Daily today pointed out on the front page that Barcelona will adjust their formation from 433 to 442 at Anfield in order to strengthen their defence. Barcelonas goal is simple, just one goal is enough. As long as Barcelona score one goal, Liverpool have to score five to qualify.

Cutinho will be sacrificed and the Brazilian will be on the bench after Barcelonas change. Semedo will replace him in the starting line-up, the Portuguese task is to fight with Manet. Robertos position will change from right-back to right-forward. He not only helps Semedo in defense, but also frequently advances in offense, which can give play to his advantage of good physical ability and strong vertical blasting ability.

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