Manchester United or cancel the trip to China! Bergba lost 1.8 million pounds to speed up his trip to Real Madrid?

 Manchester United or cancel the trip to China! Bergba lost 1.8 million pounds to speed up his trip to Real Madrid?

It is almost unacceptable for a super club like Manchester United to miss the Champions League. After Solskjaer took office, Manchester United rose to catch up and once saw the hope of returning to the top four. However, the world is so fantastic that after Solskjaers turn, United suddenly lost their momentum and lost successively. Yesterday, Manchester United were equalised by relegated Huddersfield in the lead of the goal, one round ahead of schedule to confirm that they were not in the top four. After 37 rounds of League matches, Manchester United ranked sixth, one point behind Arsenal in fifth place and four points behind Spurs in fourth place.

Football Declassification has long revealed that missing the Champions League would cut the salaries of many Manchester United players by 25%. For example, Sanchezs weekly salary will change from 500,000 to 375,000, Lukakus from 250,000 to 187,000, De Geas from 200,000 to 150,000 and Freds from 175,000 to 131,000. The Daily Mail said that some Manchester United players were very unhappy with the rules because there were no such rules for teams like Manchester City and Arsenal, both of which raised their salaries after they qualified for the Champions League.

Bergba should be the player with the biggest drop in total revenue among all United players. Under the terms of the contract, if Manchester United enter the Champions League next season, Bogba will be awarded a prize of 1.87 million at the end of the previous season. In addition, his portrait rights income will rise to 3.125 million pounds from the previous 2.87 million pounds. However, with Manchester United officially out of Europe yesterday, Bogba will not be able to get the money next season, whether he stays or not. The Daily Mail mocked: No wonder he said Manchester United would leave if they didnt get into the Champions League!

Recently, Bogbas condition has been very bad, which is probably related to the rumours between him and Real Madrid. In yesterdays game, Bogba lost 22 ball rights, the most of all players in both teams. After the game, Manchester United fans launched a flood of offensive against him, accusing him of being in Cao Yingxin in Han. Many Manchester United celebrities also pointed out relentlessly: Bogba players should be completely abandoned, there is no ambition on the field. Whats the kick?

The worse Bogba plays, the worse Manchester Uniteds record, the happier Real Madrid seems. The Spanish newspaper Ass believes that Bogbas current situation will greatly boost the French midfielders transfer to the Bernabeu this summer, and the media believe that a substantial reduction in money will stimulate Bogbabens sensitive nerves. Solskjaer also criticized Manchester United playersattitudes, saying: When we see players behaving like this, we really have to think about who should stay and who should leave. Although Sao Sao did not make a specific roll call, many people believed that Bogba was among the players he criticized. The AS newspaper said Real Madrid were ready to smash 150 million pounds to buy Bogba.

Apart from the players, Manchester Uniteds clubs are also hampered by the lack of Champions League football. According to the Daily Mail, Adis sponsorship fee for Manchester United will be reduced by 20 million pounds next season. Moreover, if Manchester United fail to qualify for the Champions League for two consecutive seasons, Adis Jersey sponsorship fee will be reduced by 30%. Manchester United have suffered more losses in the European Championship in terms of television broadcasts and game sharing, and the Post has pointed out that the club will reduce its revenues by 65 million in this regard. As a result, the failure to qualify for the Champions League will definitely reduce Manchester Uniteds earnings by at least 85 million pounds next season, which is not yet counted as tickets for the Champions League matches and related commercial advertisements.

Worse still, Uniteds warm-up plans for the summer will be affected. Manchester United are currently sixth in the league, and if they do, and Watford beat Manchester City in the FA Cup final, they will have to play in the Europa League next season according to the relevant rules. So, when did the Europa League qualifier play? The answer is to play the first round on July 25 and the second round on August 1. On July 25, Manchester United are scheduled to play a warm-up match against Spurs in Shanghai. If Manchester United really want to play in the Europa League qualifying match, they are likely to cancel the trip to China, which is undoubtedly a bad news for Chinese Red Devils fans.

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