Boca won the 68th title in team history! Tevez hit the Big Heart penalty: I can still play.

 Boca won the 68th title in team history! Tevez hit the Big Heart penalty: I can still play.

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Boca won the 68th championship in team history (Source: Netease Sports)

In terms of strength, Boca youth have a clear upper hand, but always get the upper hand. In the regular time, Boca Youth has 18-9 lead in shooting, 10-3 lead in corner kicks, 27-14 lead in free kicks and 60-40 lead in possession. Boca Youth replaced 35-year-old captain Tevez in the 62nd minute, but was still unable to break through Rosarios central gate.

The game eventually entered the penalty shoot-out battle, both sides scored in the first five rounds of penalty kicks. In the sixth round, Rosario central midfielder Rio Udo missed a penalty kick. He hit the lower left corner of the goal vigorously, and Boca goalkeeper Andrada judged accurately that the ball was rejected. With Andradas rescue, Boca Juniors won 6-5 in the end.

Tevez took the second penalty in the penalty shoot-out. Under tremendous pressure, Tevez defrauded the goalkeeper and threw the ball into the middle. Tevez won the 27th championship trophy in his personal career.

In an interview after the game, Tevez defended himself: Whether I can play or not, I think I have value for the team, no matter how criticized I am by the outside world. I dont have a social network account, and I cant defend myself with a microphone every day. I want to thank my teammates for their support. Tevez has scored only five goals for Boca Juniors in the last two seasons, and Argentine media have criticized him for giving up his retirement.

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