Keppa talks about refusing to leave the farce: after the fever, he listened to the coach.

 Keppa talks about refusing to leave the farce: after the fever, he listened to the coach.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the 24-year-old talked about his life at Chelsea. Im used to the rainy weather in London. My hometown Bilbao has a lot of rain, so I can adapt to the climate in London. But it gets dark very early in winter in London. Kappa said. When you come to a strange place, many things have to be adjusted slowly. At first, he was unfamiliar with Chelsea and Chelsea was unfamiliar with him. Now that Kappa and Chelsea are out of the running-in period, Kappa is eager to make a greater contribution to the team.

However, that substitution farce will always be a stain on Kappas career, which can not be erased. Chelsea Football Club had imposed a fine and suspension on Capa, who himself publicly apologized to the outside world. At that time, the whole world was reporting on it. Everyone is talking about it, and the comments are not good, Capa said today. I can understand that its normal for everyone to talk about this. At home, my father would talk to me about this, but he neednt say too much. After I realized what I had done, I realized that I needed to say too much.

Keppa shook her head and laughed embarrassingly as she spoke these words. It was a painful week. It happened on Sunday and on Wednesday I was unable to play against Spurs. Fortunately, I returned to the starting line-up against Fulham. I accept criticism from the coach and fines from the club. After that, I realized I couldnt play in the next game. However, I fully support Caballero and stand behind him. Of course, thats the only thing I can do. At that controversial moment, I didnt do much.

Im not proud of my behavior. Through that time, I learned a lot. Now, Im still learning. Now, its time to look ahead. I have spoken to you before and football has to go on. We all make mistakes. Kappa stressed: The only thing I want to say is that I was not injured and I think I can continue to play. I didnt think about the penalty shoot-out. I did not understand the whole situation. I didnt understand what I had done until I saw the pictures. I look at my behavior from a different perspective. When I get home, the first thing I do is watch the videos.

I really understand what Im doing. I learned a lesson from this. Next time, I wont do that. If the coach lets me go, I will leave. Keppa promises.

Recalling his childhood, Kappa said: People in my hometown are mostly Bilbao athletes and fans of the Royal Society. When I was very young, I chose to support Bilbao, which is where my career started. At the age of 9, Kappa joined Bilbao Athletic Youth Academy. If I were not a player, I would not be a fisherman. I think I should be a football-related profession, such as a football physiotherapist. I have already taken some courses in the university to prepare for the qualification certificate in sports and physical fitness.

Almost every Chelsea home game, Kappas parents go to Stamford Bridge to cheer for their son. They spent a long time on the road, which was a huge challenge for them. When we were young, we had canaries in our family, Keppa recalled. In those days, people raised birds, at least 1-2, and my father liked them. At the age of 16, Capa entered the first team of Bilbao Athletics. In September 2016, Capa made his first appearance in the first team of Bilbao Athletics, when Barcelonas current coach, Balvad, was in charge. One year later, Capa made his first appearance in the national team.

Speaking of Casillas, who had recently been hospitalized with heart problems, Kappa wished her elders well: I hope this is just a warning and pray that Casillas is okay. Here, I send him my sincere wishes. We are players, but we are human beings too. Health is more important than anything. When I was in the youth team, Cassie was one of the best players in the world.

Last summer, when I first came to Chelsea, I had a lot of conversations with De Gea. He told me that many aspects of England are very difficult. Change often takes a lot of time and energy, and its also very difficult. Football in the Premier League is different from that in Spain. I know that the Premier League attaches more importance to physical confrontation and referees ignore some physical contact. When I came here, I changed my football practice program.

Next, Capa wants to help Chelsea win the Europa League championship and the top four in the Premier League. He said: This is our goal. We want to win the top four in the Premier League, reach the Europa League final and win the championship. I know it wont be easy, but I will work hard, and then my first season at Chelsea will be fantastic. Everything is great. Its a change, everything is different, a new country, a new language, a new team, but its a major step forward in my career and the main reason I signed a long-term contract with Chelsea.

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