Why Israel Becomes a Big Arms Exporter

 Why Israel Becomes a Big Arms Exporter

Reference News Network reported on April 16 that Israel has been striving to become one of the top 10 arms exporters in the world for more than 10 years, and has steadily increased its share in the global arms export market, according to the US Strategy Page website on April 12. In the past five years, Israels share of arms exports has increased from 2.1% to 3.1%. Arms exports are still dominated by five countries (the United States, Russia, France, Germany and China), which account for 75 per cent of exports. But Israel is on the list because it provides a large number of war-tested military technology and weapons.

Reported that Israel also stole part of the sales of weapons from Russia, Russia in the past half century through the sale of high-tech weapons to India to make a lot of money. Through more reliable and effective technology, Israel has made India its regular customer. In the past 10 years, Israels arms exports have increased by 60%, while Russias has fallen by 17%.

Reported that Israels prominent position as an arms exporter is nothing new. By 2012, Israeli companies had sold $1.8 billion worth of weapons to the Americas, $1.6 billion worth of weapons to European customers and $200 million worth of weapons to African countries. Half of them are air defense systems.

The picture shows Israels Iron Dome interception system.

Israel has a large number of air defense and anti-missile systems, and its air defense technology has proved itself in the battle. It is famous for its reliability and excellent technology, and it is clearly marked when sold. Israel is also a major exporter of military space satellites, night surveillance and surveillance equipment and various military communications equipment; it is also the second largest exporter of UAVs after the United States; and it has taken the lead in developing additional armor for combat and non-combat vehicles.

Thats why Israels military exports were huge 10 years ago, when its annual sales reached $7 billion. In 2007, Israel became one of the worlds four largest arms exporters, exporting $7.2 billion worth of military equipment. At that time, the United States was the largest exporter of weapons, followed by Russia and Germany, with Israel ranking fourth.

More recently, half of the worlds exports of weapons have come from the United States and Russia, and European countries have long occupied the next three positions (Germany, France and Britain). But in the past five years, German and Israeli defense exports have been growing. Other major defense exporters include China, Sweden and Italy.

Because of reliability and quality, arms sales in Israel and Germany are increasing. One of Israels great strengths is that many of its weapons and military equipment prove their value in battle. Israel is often subject to arms embargoes, so it has learned to design and manufacture its own weapons and equipment. The Israelis are well educated and highly motivated, and their equipment is often world-class in quality, while it is cheaper than similar equipment from the United States and Europe.

Source: Responsible Editor of Reference Message Network: Wang Xu_NBJS8023