The man who broke into the mildew family was sentenced to two to four yearsimprisonment. He was released just last month.

 The man who broke into the mildew family was sentenced to two to four yearsimprisonment. He was released just last month.

Netease Entertainment reported on April 16 that a man who broke into the apartment of pop star Taylor Swift in New York last month and ransacked it was sentenced to two to four years in prison after receiving a plea agreement from prosecutors.

Roger Alvarado, 23, admitted breaking into Taylors house was a violation of probation. On Monday, April 15, Supreme Court Judge Laura Ward warned Alvarado that he would never have any contact with Taylor Swift again -- No phone calls, no letters, no video links. I hope you dont show up in court again.

On March 7, Alvarado climbed a ladder on the terrace of Swifts Tribeca United Villa, smashed the glass door with cement blocks and drilled into the room. He was charged with tracking, burglary and contempt of court for breach of protection orders. This is Alvarados third time to break into a mouldy home. He was captured by police last month, shortly after his release. The last time he was arrested was because he illegally entered Swifts home. The crazy fan, who was supposed to serve probation in Florida, flew to New York on March 7 to take a taxi directly to Swifts townhouse, violating a court order of protection.

Last April, Alvarado broke into her mildewed home, took a bath in her bathroom and slept in her bed. He was convicted of contempt of court and burglary, sentenced to six monthsimprisonment and five years probation in Florida, and ordered to complete mental health treatment. In an interview in prison, Alvarado had no regrets, telling the media that this might not be his last crime, and that he would be more violent, but not against her. He said, I dont want to hurt her. I just want to talk to her and talk to her. Shes very nice and cool.

The presence of trackers forced Swift to strengthen security measures. In September 2018, she received a restraining order against Eric Swarbrick, a 26-year-old man who has been writing to her since 2016. He declared, I want to rape Taylor Swift. Thats why I hate Taylor himself... I just know Im Taylors soul mate... I wont hesitate to kill her... You, your lawyer, or the law cant do anything about it. Remember me.

In April 2018, Julius Alexander Sandrock, 38, was arrested for trying to break into Swifts home, wearing a mask and rubber gloves, and was also found with knives, bullets and black ropes.

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