IOS 13 New Function Exposure: Dark Mode, Multitask, New Gestures, etc.

 IOS 13 New Function Exposure: Dark Mode, Multitask, New Gestures, etc.

I believe there are more expected new features to be exploded.

On June 3, Apple will host the WWDC Global Developers Conference 2019. By convention, Apple is expected to provide a functional preview of future versions of its major operating systems. Among them, the most attractive will undoubtedly be iOS 13, so rumors about iOS 13 have begun to surface recently. A few days ago, Steve Troughton-Smith, a source familiar with the matter, gave more details.

Dark mode. One of the highlights of iOS 13 OS updates will be Dark Mode, which is expected to be similar to previous macOS. Once dark mode is turned on, the deeper color scheme will be applied to the entire iOS system, including the applications attached to iOS, and the appearance and application of the application system will be presented in a darker background, brighter text, high contrast and other elements. In addition, third-party applications will support this model.

Apple previously promoted the dark mode for macOS, saying that the dark mode helps focus on work because the content will be more prominent. In fact, besides this, airline users who are familiar with the characteristics of OLED screen are aware that dark or pure black has lower power consumption on OLED screen, which helps to improve the mobile phones endurance level.

Multitask processing. Another major change in the iOS 13 operating system is the introduction of iPad-based multitasking. The application will be able to be presented in multi-window form. Users can drag and drop gestures to achieve application split-screen display, so that the application can be adsorbed on a part of the screen, or become a freely movable card by dragging and pulling the window. When the card stacks, it will show a deep effect, which can be used to indicate whether the card is at the top or at the bottom, or to unlock and close the card.

Font management. The iOS13 operating system will introduce font management panel in the settings to support adding fonts. Users will no longer need to install configuration files to import new fonts. In developing applications, developers will provide a new font selector. When a user opens an application or document that lacks a font, iOS13 will alert the user to the need to install the missing font on the iPhone or iPad.

Mail apps are smarter. Mail applications will add some smarter features to categorize incoming mail into different subject categories, such as shopping, travel or unimportant, which can be searched, and users can also set mail to read later. In addition, email applications will support easier collaboration with third-party document applications, similar to iOSs default support for using Apples productivity application Suites (Pages, Numbers and Keynote).

Safari improvements. IOS 13 will be further improved for Safari on the iPad. Users can automatically request a desktop version of the website they visit when necessary, instead of still viewing the mobile version by default. This avoids a common problem for iPad users, that is, using Safari browser to browse web pages on large-screen iPads, whose pages are still presented as the iPhone version, and users need to manually request desktop sites.

New gesture operation. IOS13 will introduce new gestures, including system-wide revocation and redo command gestures. The user taps the keyboard with three fingers in the keyboard area and then slides left or right to interact. The instruction can be revoked or redo without shaking or shaking the device. When the keyboard is first opened, the system will provide a tutorial to teach users how to use new gestures. Developers will also be able to design their own applications to support these gestures through the API.

In order to improve the efficiency of iOS, Apple will also introduce more gestures, including selecting multiple items in Collection View or TableView, or using a new multi-finger gesture drag, similar to selecting and dragging in Mac Finder.

Other improvements. The reminder app that comes with iOS13 will be updated and extended to macOS. IOS13 will improve the volume interface, multi-language keyboard and dictation support, improve the Hey, Siri mishearing rate, and improve the In-Application printing function. It is now certain that iOS13 will introduce a new set of emoticons. There have been reports that CarPlay will be upgraded and the iPad will usher in a new home screen. (Migirl)

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