The Ending of an Interview with the Original Author of Quan You: Fans will quarrel

 The Ending of an Interview with the Original Author of Quan You: Fans will quarrel

Netease Entertainment reported on April 16 that the final season of Game of Power premiered on April 14, according to Taiwanese media. Two previous writers interviewed disclosed that the plot of the TV series is much faster than the original novel, so the plots on both sides are different. In response, former author George R. R. Martin recently came out to interview, saying that the ending of the novel and the TV play will not be too far apart.

Game of Power is adapted from George R.R. Martin, who started writing the novel Song of Ice and Fire in 1991, mentioned in previous interviews that the progress of the novel and the TV series is far from the same: I know part of the plot, but they make up a lot of other minor characters themselves. They exceeded my schedule a few years ago, so books and plays may be quite different.

Two writers, D. B. Wes and David Benioff, confirmed the story, but they said they had consulted George Martin to make sure both sides kept readers / audiences curious when creating the script for the final season.

When George Martin interviewed the TV talk show 60 Minutes on the 15th, he did reveal the truth as two writers said, But I dont think the ending of Dan and David will be much different from the ending of my novel, because we did talk about it, maybe it will be different in some minor roles, but thats just a part of the people. He also anticipates that there will be controversy in the future. Some people will think that the ending of TV plays is better than that of novels. Others will think that novel is the authentic ending. They will quarrel on the Internet, they will argue, but I think that is normal.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Li Si_NBJ11322