Online Chuan Hainan Senior High School League Mass Attacks Spectators Run into the Stadium to Beat Players

 Online Chuan Hainan Senior High School League Mass Attacks Spectators Run into the Stadium to Beat Players

According to netizens, in the semi-finals between Jiaji No. 2 Middle School in Qionghai City, Hainan Province and Hainan Middle School in Hainan Province, the host of the high school mens football tournament in Hainan Province in 2019, a large number of clashes broke out between the two sides, with players fighting and spectators rushing into the field to beat the players. Several players were injured in the clash.

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Large-scale conflicts in Hainan High School League (source: Netease Video)

Video shows that both sides of the game fight together in the stadium. A large number of people in sports clothes and student-like appearance on the side of the stadium also participate in the battle. The scene is very chaotic.

Some suspect that the referee in charge of the match is biased. But according to eyewitness description: referee this is no problem, is a fight immediately, two people start, the other players and the audience on the conflict. There are also netizensstories: in this kind of local league tournament, the resentments of the two high schools are accumulated day by day, and they may often fight and fight in private.

At present, there is no official notification on the southern side of Hainan.

Source: Netease Sports Author: Bintang Responsible Editor: Zhang Zenong_NS5732