Liao Media: Xinjiangs defense is very targeted to restrict Guo Shaos breakthrough and killing

 Liao Media: Xinjiangs defense is very targeted to restrict Guo Shaos breakthrough and killing

At 7:35 tonight, the CBA semi-finals of the 2018-2019 season will continue. Liaoning Mens Basketball Team will continue to challenge Xinjiang Mens Basketball Team on the road and start the fourth battle for the final.

Although the last victory made Liao Basketball team pull back some disadvantage in the promotion situation, in fact, their disadvantage in the overall strength did not disappear. Facing the fierce counter-attack that Xinjiang team will inevitably launch next, Liao Basketball Team still needs to prepare for the more difficult competition situation.

The opponent will not make the same mistake in succession.

Liao basketball team played well in the third match and won the match. From the whole process, Xinjiang team itself has made serious mistakes, especially in the second half of the third quarter, their defensive quality has serious problems, and the first two series are almost not on the same level.

In the first two series, Xinjiang teams defense for key players of Liao Basketball can be said to be very targeted, especially at Guo Allens point, they almost all take double-handed defense, which greatly limits Guo Allens ability to break through and create lethality, and also makes him impatient for a time.

However, in the third game, Xinjiang players did not continue to implement such defensive strategies for some reason, especially from the second half of the third quarter, most of Guo Allens defense is in a one-to-one state, other playersbags and interior defense are more hesitant, which left Guo Allen a lot of room to play, and played his own special role well. Point.

When the opponent makes a fatal mistake, Liao Basketball team can catch the fleeting opportunities well. This is the long-term accumulation of the team in the playoffs and finals in recent years, and is also the key reason why Liao Basketball team can complete the reversal under the passive situation many times. But in the semi-finals of the playoffs, it is impossible to always rely on the opponents mistakes, let alone hope that such a strong and experienced competitor as Xinjiang Team will make the same mistakes for two consecutive games.

This is the first-hand preparation Liao Basketball team must make when facing the next match. We must not regard the last Xinjiang teams performance as the real level of the opponent, let alone rely on simple replication strategy to continue to win. On the contrary, it should be considered that when the opponents are no longer easy to make mistakes, what strategies should they use to cope with the match when the lineup shortcomings are obvious and the overall strength is at a disadvantage, only when they are well prepared, can they have a more calm response when they encounter unexpected difficulties.

Both means and mentality need to be tough

Compared with Xinjiang team, Liao Basketball team itself has made many mistakes, such as the second game in the same 15-point lead in the case of overturn, before they fall into the extremely passive situation. At present, the total score of both sides is still lagging behind, and there are two games to be played away from home, so there is little room for Liao Basketball to make mistakes again.

The last victory, won in the offensive side successfully seized the opponents opportunity to make mistakes, but also won in the defensive side under the tough performance of the opponents oppression, so that Xinjiang players once again appeared as many as 18 full-court mistakes. This change is not only the unity of the whole team at the psychological level, with clear objectives, but also the adjustment and change of specific strategies on the field.

In particular, Zhao Jiwei played a vital role in the second half of the third quarter and in the fourth quarter of the competition for the hard defense of Xinjiang teams small foreign aid Feld. It can be clearly seen that Zhao Jiwei kept pace with Feld in every round. He restricted the opponents catch from the first time. With his flexible footsteps and keen judgment, he caused great resistance to Felds catch. At the same time, he also used his body to bring confrontational pressure to the opponent.

This defensive role not only allows Feld to spend more physical energy to find opportunities to get rid of entanglement, but also tests the passing ability of other players in Xinjiang team. If the ball can not be accurately handed to Feld in the fleeting opportunity, it is easy to make mistakes.

More importantly, when Xinjiang team spent more time to give the ball to Feld, the tactical starting point, the time left for them to attack was greatly limited, which also made Xinjiang team have to choose a simple way to play in many rounds, and the hit rate was also affected.

It can be said that Liao Basketball team has tried several different defensive strategies in these scenes for Xinjiang team, but Zhao Jiweis single defense against Feld for the first time has indeed received the most obvious effect.

Of course, in the following matches, Xinjiang team will certainly arrange corresponding solutions to this point, but no matter how the opponents adjust, they must maintain their own toughness. Only by maintaining such a strong defensive, tough mentality, can they continue to create miracles and bring the game back to their home court successfully.

Gao Peng, Liaoshen Evening News Client Reporter, from Urumqi

Source: Liaoshen Evening News Responsible Editor: Ma Bile_NS4800