Russell suffered a long time of scoring and failed to score a point in the second half.

 Russell suffered a long time of scoring and failed to score a point in the second half.

This season, Russell has made rapid progress, averaging 21.1 points, 3.9 rebounds and 7 assists, and has become an all-star. In the first game of the playoffs, Russell cut 26 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists to lead the Nets to 111-102 away victory over 76 people.

The series, Russell and Ben Simmons two supernovae of the confrontation is very interesting. They have different styles. Russell is famous for projection, while Simmons relies mainly on breakthroughs. With 5 minutes and 31 seconds left in the first quarter, Russell scored three points on the flank and made Simmons a foul, scoring four points. In the first quarter of the game, the Nets mainly rely on Russells score, he got 10 points in a single quarter.

In the next quarter, Russell and Simmons continued to be tit-for-tat. In this compartment, Simmons used his strong body to break through the basket to get two points. In the other compartment, Russell came back and immediately scored a three-point shot in color. Relying on Russells three-point shot, the basket once narrowed the difference to single digits. But in the latter half of the second section, Russell continued to strike iron and made successive mistakes. 76 people took the opportunity to pull the score to double digits.

Back in the second half of the game, the Nets suddenly attacked the blackout. They were beaten 21-2 by 76 people in a short period of 4 minutes, and the score difference went straight to 20 +. As a star, Russell failed to score. The Nets played a disastrous quarter, with 76 players scoring 51 points in a single quarter and a net loss of 28 points in a single quarter. And Russell didnt get a point in this section. After the game, the suspense was completely lost.

Today, Russell has exposed his weakness of instability. In the first quarter and a half of the game, he had already contributed 16 points. But for a long time afterwards, he couldnt get a penny.