US Open Red Account deleted crying: Do not want to work can only resume the old business as a prostitute

 US Open Red Account deleted crying: Do not want to work can only resume the old business as a prostitute

The last thing I want to do is become a homeless prostitute and take methamphetamine on the street, she said.

According to a report on the website Business Insider on April 12, local time, an American netizen with more than 100,000 fans on social media instagram suddenly cried on YouTube on April 4 that her ins account had been deleted. She told her that she had been a prostitute, had no skills and was unwilling to go nine to five. Without the accounts of hundreds of thousands of fans, if you cant make a net red, you will have nothing. She felt that deleting the account was like murder and called 911, but the police also said they could do nothing.

However, about a week after the release of the complaint video, ins restored the account number of the netizen and said that it had been mistakenly deleted due to a large number of reports. However, the discussion on social media did not stop. Most people disagreed with her values and said they would continue to report, while others kindly advised her to take a correct attitude and get an education.

The last thing I want to do is become a homeless prostitute and take methamphetamine on the street.

Jessy Taylor, a 21-year-old from Tampa, Florida, who cries out that she doesnt want to be a nine-to-five online sensation, claims to live in Los Angeles and work as a net sensation. The Daily Mail says that Taylor has nearly 4,000 fans on Twitter and 4,000 subscribers on YouTube, as well as on Ins. But she did not elaborate on how she made money through social media.

When she discovered that her account had been deleted, she was editing a new video for her fans. When she learned of the bad news, on April 4, Taylor recorded a video and said in tears, Without those followers, I would have nothing.

She wanted to tell those who hated her through video, not to report her: People hate me, report me, I just want to be a better person. I want to say to all those who report me, think about it, because you are destroying my life. Because I make money entirely on the Internet, all the money.

I know people want me to go offline and have a nine-to-five job like 90 percent of them. But its not me. Im in Los Angeles now just to avoid that. I worked so hard to achieve todays results. Taking these away from me is the worst feeling in the world.

I am nothing. For Gods sake, I used to be a prostitute. Im a prostitute. I used to strip naked every day. I dont want to do that anymore, because I make money entirely on the Internet. I dont want to go back to that kind of life.

You know, I dont have skills. I owe the University $20,000, so even if I want to go back to college, its impossible. I worked at McDonalds before I became YouTube and Ins, with 100,000 fans and all that. I am a loser.

Theres nothing wrong with working at McDonalds, but I dont want to live that way anymore. I dont have job skills. I cant find a normal job. Im worthless. I cant get anything on the stage. Zero! Im not working material. I will never be the material for work.

So dont report me on INS anymore, she said at the end of the video. The last thing I want to do is to become a homeless prostitute and take methamphetamine in the street.

Taylors video attracted widespread criticism from netizens, leaving messages telling her, This is the real world, Its time to grow up, Go to school...

Its good to be nine to five. I dont know how many overtime workers are dreaming of.

Go to school, go to work!

Account deleted, call 911

According to the Business Insider website, Taylor has more than 100,000 fans on ins, but her posts are constantly reported as junk information, which leads Ins to delete her account.

She told business insiders that these cyber-blowers and online hatred were caused by her past racist statements. She added that it felt like murder without an account, and she even called the police, who told her that she could not equate what had happened with murder.

In one video, she claims that another girl is uglier than her because shes black:

Twitter screenshots

Later, one of Taylors fans gave him a new account with about 13,000 fans.

However, a week after Taylor uploaded the video entitled Stop Reporting My INSTAGRAM Account, her original account returned to normal.

It feels great! she told the business insider. One of the founders contacted me and they asked a technician to return my account. I received an e-mail!

Ins, which rarely commented on individual cases, also rarely responded to business insiders, saying that Taylors account was deleted as a misoperation.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We corrected the mistakes immediately after receiving the notification and have taken measures to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Although Taylor was initially upset by the deletion of her account, she now says that seven days without an account changed her life in the best way.

Ill never be the same again. Its a blessing in disguise. You have to go through the storm to see the rainbow. She also believed that she would never get the account back without media coverage.

But Taylors controversy has not stopped. On her lost and recovered account, some commented that she would continue to report and others hoped that she would find a real job.

I only sleep with senior clients... Netizen: Go to school

On April 10, Taylor uploaded a video entitled To All Those Who Hate Me on YouTube explaining his choice to be a prostitute. She said she had chosen to be a prostitute, but she did not mean that all young girls should do so. It was her choice. She even said, If you sleep with someone for free, why dont you get paid?

She also said she had sold naked photos of herself for three years, and now she does. She said making money would give her more time to focus on music and social media. If you dont give me money, you should shut up.

Then Taylor went on to say that it was wrong to be a prostitute. But she said, I only sleep with senior clients, such as professional football players... To be honest, rappers dont pay you, they want it for free. Now, I can say that I slept with a rapper...

She also mentioned her family. My parents were rich, but they didnt make me rich. The house where you see me making video is my own money.

She also pulled out a Gucci bag, saying that it was bought by herself.

Video screenshots

In short, Taylor means that its her choice. She doesnt want girls to learn from her, but she doesnt want to be criticized by people she doesnt like. She said she liked my supporters and hated those who hated me. But what Taylor said in the video self-reliance did not seem to be recognized by netizens.

There are a lot of comments on the video to report, and some people continue to persuade her to receive education, in order to use the talent of video shooting to bring valuable things to the world.

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In addition, Taylors video of crying and not wanting to go nine to five has also spread to China. Weibo netizens said that even nine to five are disgusted?

Not to be enterprising, lazy to the extreme, but also righteous and vigorous...

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