Is the drip-drip windmill just connected? Should the long-silent windmill go online?

 Is the drip-drip windmill just connected? Should the long-silent windmill go online?

Wen/Zhou Chaochen

Is the drip-drip windmill coming on line? This is the question of many people today.

At about 6 p.m. on April 15, when Drop-down Windmill posted a letter to everyone on its official micro-blog, Drop-down Windmill, the micro-blog was not issued in the name of the company, but signed as Zhang Rui, manager of the drip-down Windmill Business Department, which appeared to be flesh and blood.

This is also the first update of the drip-drip downwind micro-blog since August 22 last year.

The murder of a stewardess in Zhengzhou in early May 2018 has not yet been settled. On August 24, Yueqing girl was killed again, all of which were caused by riding a drip-drip downwind. These two homicides directly pushed the drop to the top of the wind. On August 27, with one-sided criticism of public opinion and ten ministries jointly stationed in the drop, the drop announced an indefinite downline downwind business.

This is the original sin of platform-based enterprises such as drip-drip.

In the first two murders, because of the slow response speed of customer service, the slow process of dealing with sudden situations, the lax examination of driver qualification, the opening of part of customer information to promote social interaction and other issues, drops were constantly questioned, and then drops on the line a series of functions and measures, such as face recognition, recording, adding emergency contacts, one-click travel sharing, suspending late-night calls. Car service, increase the size of self-built customer service team... It was announced that Huang Jieli, the general manager of the drip-drip windmill division, would be exempted from the service until it was offline indefinitely.

After the microblog was released, many people thought that the drip-drip windmill could not help going online. However, the official response later said that at present, the downwind is still fully engaged in safety improvement, there is no specific timetable for launching. In the future, we will gradually announce more product improvement programs and safety strategies, and widely solicit opinions from all walks of life.

Zhang Rui said in an open letter that this was the most difficult time for him. Last year, two sad incidents made him and his colleagues feel extremely sad and self-reproached. Even into deep self-doubt, doubting whether our sense of value is reallydistortedas others said.

Subsequently, he listed five rectification measures for the drip-drip windmill, and hoped that we could check and supervise them, including: returning to the nature of the windmill and doing our best to resist illegal operation; removing the display of personal privacy information such as personalized avatars and gender; continuously strengthening the screening of user access information, making every effort to eliminate the discrepancy between passengers and vehicles; increasing the input of customer service resources and improving the handling capacity of customer service. Improve emergency response capability and optimize adjustment process.

It looks like a test of public opinion.

In the comment area, there are undoubtedly two camps formed. Netizens who support online said:

1) Get online quickly;

2) Get online. I dare not say that the whole country, at least a lot of people want to go online;

3) Different people have different opinions, while wise people have different opinions. I believe that the initial appearance of drip is convenient for everyone, in fact, it is also convenient for most people who need to travel. At least after dropping off the windmill, I felt a lot of inconvenience. I got out of the airport in the early morning and the wind was very cold, but I couldnt find a car to go by. Almost all of them were private cars and taxis starting from the ground price. No matter how others judge, I welcome your return.

4) To be honest, there are many problems with taxis, but they have not been reported. Peoples qualities are not the same. Whats wrong with this? Can personal qualities be controlled? To tell you the truth, the windmill really brings us a lot of convenience.


Netizens who oppose it say:

1) Dropping down the windmill permanently, thank you.

2) Why was it sealed up in the first place unclear? Sketch it? In this way, I still want to return, I do not feel sincere enough! __________ It is suggested that every car should be equipped with Internet tracking and a key alarm button at the door handle of each car. Its not that you dont believe you, but that you really cant afford to lose your lives!!!


There are also those who dont know what support they dont support.

When the accident happened: Drops of murder accomplices! Down the line as soon as possible! Now: Please go online quickly, its fragrant!

Tiger sniffer netizens also showed a view of blooming all over the world in the 24 hours of tiger sniffing:

1) For the sake of passenger safety, its better not to calculate. In the future, there will be automatic taxis to solve the problem of demand.

2) It means that the pressure is very high and the product needs to be optimized.

3) Fault is not fatal, expect to return;

4) The windmill is wrong, but its not too wrong to die. Its worth starting again than a taxi with a lot of bad deeds but few media.


Its fair to say its fair, but mother-in-law says its right.

Tencents biggest supporter is undoubtedly Ma Huateng. During the two sessions this year, he couldnt help but excuse himself: When new things encounter problems, dont do everything in one fell swoop. He said that ten ministries and commissions were stationed at the same time after the downwind incident in the past few months, which has not yet been completely resolved. As part-time staff, the net-appointed drivers will bring challenges to the management of the Ministry of Communications. But it also provides a lot of employment, which should be encouraged.

The media industry is relatively rational, and more voices are focused on how to manage the platform, how to improve the operation mode and product function. Some people hold that: The characteristics of a society ruled by law are clear power and responsibility, God is God, Caesar is Caesar. There is no clear statement about how much responsibility should be borne by downwind drivers, let alone at present. And off-line downwind, in essence, to the majority of downwind car owners and users shoulder the responsibility they should not bear, strictly speaking, this is a kind of company.

This brings us back to the question whether the manufacturer of knives should be responsible for cutting people with a knife.

People around me are constantly calling for downwind cars to go on the line around the Spring Festival. The special cars are too expensive to reach taxis. So many people shouted similar slogans like People Miss dripping downwind cars, although I dont think this people can represent much.

But there is no doubt that dripping misses the windmill more than everyone else.

According to Burning Finance and Economics, on February 15, Cheng Wei, the founder and CEO of the drip trip, held a full-time meeting with 13,000 employees. Before the meeting, all the employees received an email listing 10 major issues related to the survival and development of drip drip. Whether the windmill will be restored is the third, second only to the companys New Years goals and layoffs plan.

The windmill business has an important strategic significance for dripping. One point of view is that the attributes of special cars and express cars are not different from those of traditional car rental companies and taxi companies. The downwind car is the real shared travel and reflects the social responsibility of enterprises. In addition, compared with the number of orders, the number of downwind drivers is more important. This mode can quickly attract drivers all over the country and hopefully become the link of driver transformation. By the end of 2017, the average daily order volume of downwind trucks reached 2 million, accounting for about one tenth of the total order business.

The financial data circulated from the inside of a drip trip show that drip-drip lost 10.9 billion yuan in 2018, while drip-drip spent 11.3 billion yuan in driver subsidy in 2018.

At the aforementioned plenary meeting, Cheng Wei also announced that the overall staff reduction of drip travel was 15%, involving about 2,000 people.

The media quoted internal staff as saying that the downsizing rate of the downsizing Department reached 20%. According to 700 people, nearly 140 people would be laid off, and the team responsible for the downsizing user community would be abolished, leaving only individual technology for follow-up maintenance.

After the windmill was offline, the employees of the DDT windmill business department once believed confidently that they would be on line soon after the rectification, but the first half year is still a long way off.

Cheng Wei once rethinked in an open letter, saying that the desire to win has overwhelmed the original intention, and the development model of galloping has already planted hidden dangers. The upgrading of internal system can not keep up with the expansion of scale, just like the soul can not keep up with the pace.

In fact, the biggest mistake is to eliminate all competitors and make oneself a public enemy of the whole nation.

Nowadays, new rectification measures have come out, and those who are stationed do not know whether they have left or not. The fate of drip-drip windmill is still not in the control of drip-drip. But at least we can talk about it. Do you think the drip Trailer should be back on line?

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Tiger Sniffing Network: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279