NATOs naval base in Ukraine? Russian expert: Its very difficult.

 NATOs naval base in Ukraine? Russian expert: Its very difficult.

Global Network Military Comprehensive Report: Can NATO build a naval base in Ukraine? Russias Military Industrial Complex Network reported on the 15th that NATO decided to expand its support for the navies of Georgia and Ukraine against the background of escalating confrontation with Russia in the Black Sea region, and planned to maintain the long-term presence of NATO warships in the Black Sea region. For this reason, it is necessary to consider where NATO warships will berth in the Black Sea and where to replenish supplies. General Victor Kraftsenko, former chief of staff of the Russian navy, said Ukraines current situation showed that the port of Odessa was the most suitable geographically, but it was first and foremost a trading port.

Kraftsenko said that the Ukrainian Navy currently moored a small number of warships in the port of Odessa, the largest of which was the frigate Getman Sagedachine with only 3560 tons of drainage. At present, the port of Odessa can berth warships with a maximum discharge of 4500-5000 tons. However, because it is a trading port, the deployment of warships here will reduce the capabilities of commercial ports and cause major difficulties for the navys overall operational activities. In fact, the port can berth up to 3-4 warships with little drainage. In addition to Odessa, the second possible deployment site for NATO warships is Ukraines port of Ilyichevsk. But Kraftsenko stressed that it was less likely to deploy a genuine naval force at the port, as building the port into a fully qualified naval base would require substantial financial and material investment. The port has almost no infrastructure necessary for warships to berth, including power, water and other supplies.

Apart from these two ports, there is currently no other place in Ukraine suitable for NATO warships deployment, and all other places need to be built from scratch. The construction of such naval bases is too heavy for Ukraine and NATO. Kraftsenko cautioned that naval bases need berths, wharfs, fuel storage facilities, arsenals, warships and ship protection areas and various housing, and also need to strengthen peripheral protection, such as the need for Marine Corps equipped with heavy weapons and armoured technical equipment to protect naval bases, which will take a long time to establish, without exaggeration. It even takes a hundred years. In addition, there is a legal problem with NATOs deployment of warships at Ukrainian naval bases. At present, the Constitution of Ukraine stipulates that foreign bases are not allowed to be deployed in Ukraine.

Alexander Brooking, the former first deputy chief of staff of the Russian Army, also said: I do not believe that the U.S. Navy will be able to implement the plan to establish a naval base in the Black Sea port of Ukraine. This is an expensive project. At present, politicians all over the world know how to save money. Most importantly, NATO has not yet decided to provoke Russia in the Black Sea region. It is very difficult for NATO to agree on the implementation of this provocation.

Brooking also said that provocation against Russia in the Black Sea region faces a high risk. Russia has strongly demonstrated its determination to safeguard its national interests in the Black Sea region and has all the necessary strength and weapons. With the exception of Ukraine, no one wants to extend the conflict in the Black Sea to the extent that it has caused a large number of casualties. (Liu Yupeng)

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