What Achievements the 70-year-old Air Force has Achieved?

 What Achievements the 70-year-old Air Force has Achieved?

[Global Network Military Comprehensive Report] Recently, the Air Force released the Wechat Public Number, which prepares for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Air Force. On November 11, 1949, the 14th Corps of the Peoples Liberation Army and the Aviation Administration of the Military Commission were merged, and the Air Force Command was established. As a result, the Chinese army has its own air force. Over the past 70 years, great achievements have been made in the construction of the Peoples Air Force. It has become a consensus to build a transformed air force, a combat air force and a strategic air force. It is striding forward from a land and air defense air force to an air force with both offensive and defensive capabilities and an air-space integration.

Equipment Construction Supports Air Force Transition

When it comes to the development of the air force, the most noticeable thing is equipment construction. Objectively speaking, the starting point of equipment development of the Chinese Air Force is not low. With the great help of the Soviet Union, the Chinese Air Force equipped the MiG-15 fighter plane in the early 1950s. The first domestic fighter fighter, the J-5 fighter plane, was actually a nationalized version of the MiG-17, which was relatively advanced in the world at that time. It can be said that the air force equipment construction step by step has reached the world level.

However, in the later development, due to various reasons, equipment once lagged behind the world, which was particularly evident in the late 1980s. Since the 1990s, with the introduction of weapons and equipment combined with independent research and development, the Chinese Air Forces weapons and equipment has returned to the first group. Especially the equipment of the new generation fighter aircraft represented by the J-20 makes the Chinese Air Force one of the earliest air forces in the world with the fourth generation stealth fighter.

Although in the 1950s, Chinas air force was equipped with fighter planes that reached the worlds advanced level at that time, the equipment development of Chinas air force is different from that of that time. First, most of the advanced equipment is developed independently, which is more sustainable. Fighting planes in the 1950s were either imported directly from the Soviet Union, manufactured under authorization, or copied. At present, the new generation of main fighter aircraft are independently developed, with complete independent intellectual property rights. Secondly, the equipment system is relatively complete, from fighters, fighter bombers, bombers and other main types of fighter aircraft, to early warning aircraft, refueling aircraft, transport aircraft and other support aircraft, forming a complete equipment system. And air defense weapons and equipment also form the equipment type spectrum of linking up far, medium and near, covering high, middle and low altitudes, air defense and anti-missile. This equipment system lays a solid foundation for the Air Force to carry out diversified tasks. In order to cope with the threat of space, comply with the profound changes in the military field, and accelerate the transformation of the air force from aerospace to aerospace, it has provided strong support.

Practical Training and Practical Air Force

As soon as the Peoples Air Force was born, it experienced the baptism of war. Over the Korean Peninsula, the volunteer air force is confronted with about 1,200 United Nations-led fighter planes and top Western pilots who have experienced the baptism of World War II and have flown more than 1,000 hours per capita. At that time, the newly formed volunteer air force of the Peoples Air Force had fewer than 300 combat aircraft, and the average flight time of pilots was only over 100 hours. However, the Peoples Air Force did not fear the strong enemy, and successively shot down the ace pilot Davis and double ace pilot Fischer of the U.S. Army, and shot down 330 enemy aircraft and injured 95. Innovation of one-area staggered four-four system tactics. Today, Western pilots are still practicing Yo-Yo tactical movements named after volunteer pilots.

Although it is in the era of peace, the threat of war is not far away. The Chinese Air Force also knows that only when it can fight can it stop fighting. Only by training close to actual combat can it really improve its training level and strengthen the actual combat air force. In recent years, the air force training has shown the following characteristics: first, the air combat confrontation, live ammunition assault, low-altitude valley, Far-sea battle patrol, plateau stationed training has become normal; second, joint training, highlighting system confrontation, joint victory, Red Sword and Blue Shield base-based training continues to deepen and expand, and the operational capability of the system based on information network effectively improves; third, from difficulties; Strictly, we should actively build competition platforms such as golden darts, golden shield and airborne top soldiers. Fourthly, China-foreign joint training, focusing on global vision, opening up exchanges, and increasing going out, has achieved remarkable results in China-Thailand joint training, China-Pakistan joint training and China-Russia joint training.

Advance to the World-class Strategic Air Force

During the initial period, the main function of the Air Force of China was to carry out land and air defense operations. Whether the fighter aircraft with the largest number of equipment in the air force or the ground-to-air missile force, they are basically used in air defense operations. At that time, Kuomintang planes flew into the mainland from time to time to detect disturbances. For quite a long time, the Peoples Air Force has been performing these functions.

At the beginning of this century, based on the scientific understanding of the role of the air force in modern warfare and the development trend of the world air force, the air force first formed a consensus of air-space integration, attack and defense internally, and then gradually promoted and widely recognized. On April 14, five years ago, the supreme leader of the state made a special trip to the air force organs to investigate the air force construction and preparations for military struggle. He stressed that we should speed up the construction of a strong peoples air force with both air and space as one and both offensive and defensive capabilities, so as to provide strong support for the realization of the Chinese dream and the dream of a strong army. This further points out the development direction of the Air Force.

With the development of the equipment system and the continuous improvement of the training level, in recent years, the air force police patrol the East China Sea, the South China Sea, the West Pacific and the island, flying routes that have not been flown before, to areas that have not been in the past, improving the operational capability of the sea direction, and promoting the construction of operational command capacity.

According to the plan, the Air Force will advance toward the Strategic Air Force in three steps: the first step is to basically step into the threshold of the Strategic Air Force by 2020, initially build a space-air integration, offensive and defensive strategic air force structure, build a weapon and equipment system with four generations of equipment as the backbone and three generations of equipment as the main body, and continuously enhance the combat capability of the system based on information system; the second step is to further build a brand-new one. The military strength system of the Air Force will promote a substantial increase in the strategic capability of the Air Force; in a period of time, the modernization of the military theory, organizational form, military personnel and weaponry of the Air Force will be realized in an all-round way, and the strategic transformation of the Air Force will be basically completed. By 2035, the Air Force will initially be built into a modern strategic air force with a higher level of strategic capability; and in the third step, the world-class strategic air force will be built in an all Army. _Our special correspondent Zhang Jieben, our correspondent Liu Yang

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