Nearly when the body of Israels legendary spy was returned by the Syrian Defense Minister

 Nearly when the body of Israels legendary spy was returned by the Syrian Defense Minister

[Global Network Military Comprehensive Report] Legendary Israeli spies are on their way home. According to the Israeli Jerusalem Post on the 15th, there are many rumors that the body of Israeli spy Eli Cohen, who successfully penetrated high-level Syria and was executed after being identified, is about to return to Israel with the help of Russia. However, the official did not respond to the news.

According to the World Israel News Network on the 15th, the original source of the news came from a Syrian anti-government website, which said a Russian delegation took a coffin containing Cohens remains when it left Syria. Reported that since Israeli officials announced earlier this month that Israeli sergeant Zakari Bommel, who disappeared during the Lebanese War in 1982, was rediscovered 37 years later with the assistance of Russia, news began to circulate in social media that Eli Cohens remains were about to return to Israel.

Born in 1924, Cohen is a Jew born in Egypt. He is proficient in Arabic, Hebrew, French and Spanish. In the early 1950s, he was recruited as a special agent by Mossad. After several years of training, he went to Argentina in 1960 as an Arab importer and exporter named Kamel Amin Tabes. Shortly afterwards, at a reception hosted by the Syrian Embassy, Cohen met Hafez Assad, then the military officer of the embassy and later the president of Syria, and entered the upper-class society. The highest official, the member of the National Revolutionary Committee of the Syrian ruling party, became the main adviser to the Minister of Defence, and almost became the Minister of Defence. During the incubation period, Cohen proposed planting trees around the fortress in the Golan Heights to make a contribution to Israels future seizure of the Heights. Cohen was hanged at Martyrs Square in Damascus in 1965 after being identified as a spy.

After Cohens death, Israel invested huge sums of money to recover the body and personal belongings of the ace spy and give him a heros funeral, but nothing was gained except a watch allegedly used in his life, which was obtained by secret operations in July of last year. Syria has always kept the location of Kerns remains strictly confidential. _Qu Xiangyu, our special correspondent in Egypt

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