Well-known video website B content involving love between teachers and students, incest and other worries

 Well-known video website B content involving love between teachers and students, incest and other worries

Girls who are addicted to chasing after others are almost dropped out of school.

Huanhuan (a pseudonym) is now a young female teacher in Wuhan. A few years ago, she was admitted to Hubei University with excellent results. As a child, she loved comics and soon fell in love with station B on the recommendation of her friends. She said, There are a lot of cartoon works on it. Young people are chasing each other in this station. Many large-scale overseas dramas and movies without censorship and approval have resources.

Gradually, Huanhuans time of landing at station B has developed from a few hours a day to skipping classes and chasing after classes. His grades have also declined dramatically and he is facing dropout. As a result, Huanhuans mother came to Wuhan from her hometown to rent a house to accompany her, forcing her to stay away from Station B. Huanhuan rehabilitated his credits and successfully enrolled in a public school after graduation.

Huanhuan said that the users who log on to B station are getting younger and younger. How to let minors avoid the bad content of the network has become the focus of her daily work.

Ms. Wang, the mother of 13-year-old girl Xiao Ai, said that her daughter liked drawing since childhood and often copied various characters in animation. Recently, her daughters online viewing materials are closed, she accidentally found that her daughters computer collection has many B station animation links, click in unexpectedly is some puppy love, cohabitation and other content. I noticed that the website found that many of the above content is not suitable for teenagers to watch, but many users of the website are the same age as their daughters. I dont know how these contents passed the audit! Ms. Wang was very angry.

Journalists search, vulgar content hidden in it

On April 8, the reporter landed at Station B and clicked on the animation column of the series of Fanju Opera on the main station. Then he saw the animation work entitled Living Together Today at the Age of 15. Under the film and television chat column, a video of Japanese lads falling in love with their female teachers after getting drunk and finally getting what they want has attracted 4.353 million hits, and 1,274 people discuss the play with simultaneous barrage curtain. In the related series, there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of broadcasts involving incest, foreign restrictions and other content.

Some of the video titles on the website are very vulgar, such as 13-year-old boy let a female teacher get pregnant comedy, I dont think its so simple, Girls see what your toilet experience and so on. Reporters randomly clicked on several more naked titles of the video, found that the content and the text on the barrage scale is very large, adults feel blush. There are also special UP owners (website video contributors) posting introductions to the new children should not on the shelves of Station B, and saying that fear of complaints do not dare to release during the day, late at night welfare! Most of the recommended animation themes are bloody and bare, and part of them are about teenagerssex change, which is very unhealthy.

Worryingly, the reporters browsed the messages under these videos and found that most of the users of Station B were post-90s and post-00s, including many minors aged 14 or 15.

On April 11, the reporter came to a nine-year school in Hongshan District. Many students in the school said they had visited the website. Liu Chao (not his real name) told his teacher that the website was very popular among his classmates and he often went to the station to catch up with them. For the content of the browsing, Liu Chao said with some embarrassment, There are some things that are not suitable for children and students to watch. Reporters interviewed several parents randomly to pick up their children, most parents said that animation is animation, look at nothing, and heard that part of the video content and scale on the website, parents said that these contents need to be severely cracked down, should not appear on the regular website of minors contact.

Popular animation, station B was named by CCTV

In July last year, CCTV News reported that the animation works of Station B were full of vulgar content by name. As a favorite entertainment for teenagers, the anchor said that the animation works of the website were full of worrying vulgar content, such as young girls dressed in exposed clothes, ambiguous language and actions, and even incest content involving siblings. Some of them are also recommended as editors to appear on the Chasing Fan home page. These animation works have millions or even tens of millions of broadcasts.

This is not the first time that Station B has been exposed by the media. Earlier, the Rule of Law Weekend newspaper had reported that Collis, the owner of UP Station B, had seduced a 10-year-old girl to be sued by her mother. After the event was reported by the media, it quickly fermented and made the phenomenon of soft pornography full of stations B come into public view. The sites home page even shocked people with obscene live content.

Despite being exposed many times, Station B has not stopped the spread of soft pornography on the site, which is full of various sexual hints. After being exposed by CCTV and part of the large-scale cartoons off the shelves, there is such a post on the animation chat of the website - Three large-scale cartoons off the shelves of Station B, dont worry about the chance we still have to see the nets. The article mentioned that part of the animation scale is indeed too large, no wonder it will be off the shelf, but also comfort netizens, saying that you can move to the network to watch.

Since April 11, reporters have sent interview emails and telephone hotlines to Station B for many times, but as of the time of publication, no reply has been received from Station B.

Lawyers point of view is that there is a regulatory obligation on websites

According to the reporter, 81.7% of the active users in B station are post-90s and post-00s, and the number is 65 million, which means that one person in every five post-90s and post-00s will last B station at least once.

Lawyer Ma Xiaoyi of Hubei Dianheng Law Firm believes that the network has a fast transmission speed and a wide audience. As a platform for video upload, the operator of station B should have the duty to examine and verify the video uploaded on the platform, and the bad video which violates the national laws and administrative regulations should be excluded. B stands under the banner of animation, but the content is vulgar and pornographic, and most of the targeted groups are young people, seriously affecting the physical and mental health of young people, whose behavior is suspected of disseminating obscene goods for profit. B station operators should seriously rectify the platform video review process, do not repeat the same mistakes.

Source: Responsible Editor of Chutian Metropolitan Daily: Li Si_NBJ11322