996 Work System in the Vortex of Legality: Honey or Poison?

 996 Work System in the Vortex of Legality: Honey or Poison?

More than 8 p.m. on April 15, the office building of an Internet company in Beijing was ablaze with lights. Xin Jing Bao reporter Liang Xin-zhan

Arrive at 9:00 in the morning, leave work at 9:00 in the evening, work six days a week, this is the so-called 996 working system. Recently, the 996 work system has caught fire. Programmers have set up projects on Github, a world-class code warehouse, to express their dissatisfaction with the 996 work system. Within a few days, the project has attracted the attention and support of a large number of programmers.

Subsequently, the Internet giants have responded to the 996 work, for a while, 996 was pushed to the forefront of the wind.

Ma Yunxian voiced that 996 was a blessing. Later, he expressed his opinion on 996, saying that the key is not to be right, but to think about his own choice. Liu Qiangdong, on the other hand, wrote in a circle of friends that people who fool around are not my brothers. When founder Li Guoqing raised the banner against 996, he believed that it was more valuable for managers to make decisions more scientifically and efficiently than for employees to work overtime.

On the one hand, employees with the majority of objections, on the other hand, bosses who talk about responsibility and career, what do you think about 996? The reporter from Beijing News interviewed Zhang Chaoyang, founder of Sohu, human resources (HR), legal professionals, human resources experts of Internet company, and employees of Baidu, Ali, Jingdong and other enterprises to discuss the topic of 996.

Is the topic prevalent in 1996?

Zhang Chaoyang (Chairman and CEO of Sohu Group): Sohu is now demanding more and more employees. Sohu history is too good human culture, we have to abandon it. Now Sohu requires employees to work conscientiously and take work as a very important part of their own.

Internet competition is particularly fierce, and this responsibility requires a lot of time and investment. We didnt ask for the time. We still have weekend breaks and occasional weekend meetings. I still basically agree that we should all work well.

Internet company HR: In large companies, whether 996 depends on different positions and positions, or even specific projects.

Although few companies explicitly stipulate that 996 is a must, some companies have a serious overtime culture. For example, a well-known content distribution companys weekly policy, the week of six-day shift has benefits, that is, Wednesday of this week can not work overtime, you can imagine how serious overtime in this company. But thats why the companys employees are generally paid 30 to 40 percent more than the Internet industrys normal salary.

Many Internet companies use benefits to tempt you to work overtime, such as overtime meals and the bus system. Many companies, such as Tencent, Metro and Jingdong, can reimburse the fare after 9 p.m. and offer free dinner. This is the market situation. There are also some Internet start-ups, many departments said 007 is not too much because of the start-up period.

Headline Department of an employee: We are flexible work system, such as 9 a.m. to go to work, 5 p.m. to leave; 11 a.m. to work, 7 p.m. to leave. But its 5:00 p.m. and you definitely want to wait for a free dinner in the company. Most people who leave work at 7:00 p.m. also want to wait until 9:00 p.m. so that they can take a taxi to reimburse them. They can also apply for overtime for more than two hours.

As for the popular week, most employees voluntarily choose to work overtime. If they come to work overtime, they will also get overtime pay. And in order to alleviate the necessary overtime, headlines have been expanding.

Head of a car networking start-up company: Although employees are not required to work in 996, they are still expected to work overtime and have entrepreneurial spirit and preparation in the necessary time. Nine to five in the morning is definitely not suitable for our company. The company gives stock to employees. For those who only want stability, they only pay salary. Only when they are entrepreneurs, they give stock.

Shi Haiying (Headhunter CGL related person in charge): Now many Internet companies and start-ups need to make rapid progress in the direction of innovation, so overtime will prevail. Many employees may work in 996, or even more than 996, but this is not a hidden rule.

How efficient and rewarding is topic 2996?

A person in charge of a mobile phone manufacturer: As a team leader, everyone hopes that employees can work hard in 996, so that their performance can be guaranteed, but unless the core team, most people are difficult to achieve 996.

Vice President of a chip company: If you want a high salary, you have to be able to afford a high salary. If you dont care, you can choose stable but relatively low-paid jobs. This is the behavior of market economy. However, he believes that Ma Yuns speech influence is not confined to the Internet industry, but will gradually affect other industries.

A programmer in Ali: Hardly a day is spent working overtime as a yard farmer. 996 is the most basic situation. Frankly speaking, I dont agree with 996, but I think its necessary to do more meaningful and growing things than 996. The reason why we choose to work overtime is that the project needs and the time is tight and the task is heavy. Such an important time point as the promotion of the Eleventh National Congress of the Peoples Republic of China, but the 996 overtime normalization is not desirable.

Beijing East Employee (A): At present, there is an indirect mindset of foreign workers at work. They have to wait until 9:00 p.m. to get off work. They have to spend 995. They dare not do anything during work. They are afraid to do something wrong. So they are all pushing each other until 9:00 p.m. This kind of work is very meaningless.

Jingdong Employee (B): I am open to 996. The year before last, Guan Peisheng joined Jingdong. Its common for him to leave work after 9:00 p.m. these years. On the one hand, he cant finish his work in 8 hours. On the other hand, he cant leave work earlier than the leader.

Baidu employees: My department does not have a compulsory 996, my personal commuting time is usually from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Sometimes, in some emergency situations, they will stay and work overtime. However, for Ma Yuns 996 is a blessing, I do not agree with this view, it is a moral kidnapping.

If the company really wants to implement 996, it must be linked to KPI. Nowadays, 996 of many companies is a foreign worker. If it changes to 996, KPI doubles, so should wages. If we change 996 and KPI remains unchanged, it only shows that this person has a problem with his ability. Why does someone have to work overtime to finish a job that others can finish nine to five in the morning?

If one day the company really enforced 996, I may also accept, after all, it is difficult to find a job, job-hopping is also more difficult.

A womans clothing e-commerce employee: Although the e-commerce operation work inevitably requires weekends and holidays overtime, due to business pressure and other reasons, employees are forced to accept the rhythm of 996 work. Because of the pressure of performance, the leader forced us to return to work at any time and place, and really can not accept it.

Although in the long run it is not conducive to the health and growth of employees, I will not consider changing jobs in the short term, because the cost of changing jobs is higher than accepting 996.

Topic 3 The 996 Work System in the Vortex of Legitimacy

HR:996 is a self-driven Internet company, but it should not be a conventional corporate culture. For example, if employees do not want 996, they are said to have problems with values and not to work hard. This kind of kidnapping behavior is not good, erasing the values of pluralistic existence, which makes the inclusiveness of enterprises appear narrow. For enterprises and employees, it is impossible to judge whether this mechanism is good or bad, because it is not black or white.

Chief Legal Officer of Large Internet Companies: Strictly speaking, 996 violates the law because the working hours exceed the statutory working hours stipulated by the state. However, at the enterprise level, the legal risks of enterprises can be avoided to some extent by amending the wage structure or signing agreements with employees on voluntary overtime.

At present, the salary structure of the first-line Internet companies is mostly packaged, that is, there is no clear basic wage and overtime wage in the salary structure, which is also an important reason for the controversy of the 996 working system. The most important thing is to guide employeesresult orientation. In addition to clarifying the wage structure and fulfilling the obligation to inform in advance, enterprises should guide employees to voluntarily complete rather than compulsorily.

At present, the competition in the Internet industry is fierce and the cost of manpower is very high. Therefore, the existence of 996 work system has enterprises considering the cost of manpower. Three peoples 996 can save one persons cost of manpower. If it is a large number of large companies, the number will be huge.

Zhou Shoucai (Business Strategist, Columnist): Only by liberating people and stimulating creative productivity can we create incremental competitiveness. Chinese enterprises always emphasize that aggressiveness is easy to be the enemy of the world. Even in the United States, where the free market competition is the most brutal, the respect given by institutions and corporate governance is relatively adequate. The era of drying up employees has passed. Returning to the life and logic of ordinary people is a real problem that every big man must face. Management science needs to be awakened again - working hours are not the source of competitiveness in essence, leadership is based on mission, and businesses and young people need new corporate culture contracts.

Liu Jiali (Attorney of Sichuan Kaishan Law Firm): In most cases, although enterprises have not implemented the compulsory 996 system in writing, it has resulted in 996 in practice, and the 996 system itself violates the Labor Law. Even if employees accept it, they can bring a lawsuit to the Labor Arbitration Commission whenever they want to keep their work records.

For enterprises, such a work system as 996 is naturally acceptable, because employees can create more revenue for enterprises; for employees, the work system of 996 is depriving employees of time and surplus value.

The current complaint against 1996 is not its own, but no corresponding income. If you want to achieve financial freedom, professional freedom and relative freedom of time in 1996 or even 007, as long as you think it is worthwhile, then fight hard while you are young; if you want to live a safe life, then 955 is also right, the road is your own, as long as you do not regret it is right.

Cai Shuheng (Associate Professor of Management, CEIBS): Internet company bosses seem to want employees to volunteer for 996, but this expectation is unreasonable. Employees have their own private lives, and the working arrangements of 1996 have basically worn out their private lives.

Working hours are not equal to efficiency, nor to more diligence. What can not be ignored is that behind the current widespread 996 is the result-oriented responsibility system work mode. The arrangement of responsibility system needs to ensure that employees can get corresponding salaries. A few entrepreneurs will distribute their income fairly to employees, which is also the root cause of the widespread controversy at present. Employees have their own norms and should have due trust in employing them.

Shi Haiying: The quality of 996 itself is relative. Different people or enterprises have different choices at different stages. Enterprises are generally in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law, according to the workload to give reasonable remuneration and based on the principle of voluntary both sides.

From the perspective of human resources, the company should make its operation more efficient through internal rationalization process and corresponding training, instead of internal wastage or internal waste of time due to the complexity of internal process, and turn work into mandatory overtime.

New Beijing News reporter Liang Chen, Yang Li, Platinum Leima, Lu Yifu, Intern Cheng Zijiao

Source: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279, responsible editor of Beijing News