How difficult is it to conquer a medieval castle? Thirteen people can hold on for half a month!

 How difficult is it to conquer a medieval castle? Thirteen people can hold on for half a month!

In The Game of Power, Hawk Nest City is regarded as impossible to overcome. It has not only a few dangers ahead, but also a cliff defense at the end. Nobody ever thought of attacking it.

In the Middle Ages, castles meant security. A well-designed castle with solid materials and a well-stocked supply was absolutely difficult to overcome. Especially occupying the topographic height, and using rock castles, is absolutely a nightmare for the attackers. Usually medieval castles were designed inside the outer circle, with multi-curved exterior walls and small fortresses protruding at intervals on the walls, so that the attacking party would be hit by three-dimensional fire. And the castle will be built as high as possible, so that the difficulty of climbing on the side of the siege will increase dramatically, and the target trajectory of heavy weapons such as enemys stone throwers will also be bent, making it difficult to hit the power also weakened. On the other hand, the fortress is not only a defensive position, but also a weapon.

Well-built medieval castles are generally stone buildings, very strong, and there is no obvious defensive weakness, the frontal assault is very difficult.

The terrain choice of the castle is also very exquisite. Very few castles are built in low-lying places, or on high places, such as the top of a mountain, facing a deep abyss, facing a rugged mountain road. The enemy usually loses the courage to attack when he sees its appearance. Others are faced with water, and the enemy can only attack from one side, weakening their military strength by three quarters. When the castle had to be built on flat ground, it would dig out moats and install suspension bridges. In short, it would be right to make the enemys attack difficult.

Switzerlands Siyong Castle, surrounded by water on three sides, has only one side connected with the land, so it has no worries when defending.

The Castle does not only rely on high walls to resist the enemy, it is actually a defensive system. The most periphery is the trench, which is usually filled with water. Soldiers wearing armor fall into the water and are easily drowned. So before attacking, we need to drain the ditch water and fill it up. This project is not small.

In the general impression, the city gate is attacked first. Many movies show that when attacking the city, soldiers from both sides collide with each other at the gate. They are also very lively on the screen. But in reality, the gate of the castle is usually designed by gate, which is lifted and lowered by mechanical equipment on the inside, but can not be pushed away from the outside, and can only be broken by violent means. But the gates are made of very strong materials, almost indestructible at the level of the Cold Weapon Age.

The gates of Irelands Kell Castle can be seen using iron gates, which can hardly be opened by manpower after falling, and the openings above the castle can throw stones and pour hot liquids down, so that the attackers can not gather at the gates.

And the use of long ladders to attack the city will also only appear in the film, not to mention carrying ladders close to the castle will be subject to intensive bow and arrow shooting, soldiers on the long ladder almost no force to fight back. There are many weapons available on one side of the castle, ranging from boulders to boiling liquids. The most ferocious thing is that some castles are equipped with large pots at key points, which can melt lead and other metals or hot oil. When the enemy rushes in, the guards use winches to pour high-temperature materials down. No matter what kind of armor the attacking party wears, they will be scorched and quite terrible. So the castle was really hard to bite. Often dozens of soldiers could fight an army with it. It took half a month for the French to attack a castle in 1166, and there were only 13 soldiers in it! ____________

The castle was designed to pour boiling liquids, usually molten lead or hot oil, and there was little cure for severe scalds in the Middle Ages.

So at that time, attacking castles was usually either hard or not, and even hard attacking would not be a frontal attack. Several methods were used to conquer the castle.

First of all, the heavy fire of that year was undoubtedly a large stone thrower, which could throw 100 kilograms of stone bullets 150 meters away by using the principle of lever. For the arrow towers or wooden platforms on the top of the castle, the huge stone bullets can be destroyed after hitting, and the lethality to the people is even less concerned. The movie Lord of the Rings has a very delicate description of the catapult attack, but the medieval catapult is not as huge as the film.

In the Middle Ages, the projectiles were thrown away by gravity with great power, but the projectiles themselves were quite bulky.

As early as the ancient Greek era, a smaller and more accurate weapon was used in siege battles, that is, crossbow. It uses the torsion of tendons or ropes of animals as a power source to drive the bow arm to launch rockets or spears. Compared with the slinger, the accuracy of crossbow is much higher and its power is considerable. The crossbow with good performance can fire more than 20 kilograms of stone bullets nearly 300 meters away. Because crossbows can be used at a relatively long distance, the attacker can choose a good position to fight in coordination with infantry, and use intensive and accurate shells and rain to sweep the enemy troops and buildings on the castle. The Roman army used this tactic to overcome many extremely dangerous passes.

Crossbow gun is a kind of weapon with very scientific design. Early crossbow gun had a universal axis. It can adjust angle and azimuth at will, and even developed a firing table.

In addition, the siege vehicle is also a common combat tool. It is a mobile platform with outer skin protection. It can resist the defensive sides bows and arrows, as well as fire attack. It can also be used as a shooting platform. When it is moved to the edge of the castle, it can put down the springboard and put it on the wall. The attacking soldiers climb up the wall from the springboard. But for more rugged terrain, siege cars are difficult to use.

In Season 7 of Game of Power, for example, Keiyan City was conquered because Tyrion directed it to enter the city from a secret drain, and then it should be conquered smoothly.

In the battle of Helmets Valley in Lord of the Rings, the Orcs also sent bombs into the weakest part of the city wall through a canal, destroying the outer city in one fell swoop.

Gunpowder played a decisive role in the battle of Helmets Valley in Lord of the Rings

At this point, the classical castles gradually declined after the emergence of gunpowder weapons. They were replaced by various prisms, but this is another story.

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