Yang Zi was exposed to refusal of gifts at the airport. She was trampled off by CP powder and smashed by bouquets.

 Yang Zi was exposed to refusal of gifts at the airport. She was trampled off by CP powder and smashed by bouquets.

Airport disorder

Yang Zi is suspected to have been smashed by a bouquet of CP pollen

Netease Entertainment reported on April 15 that on April 14, a fan of Yang Zi exploded on the Internet that Yang Zi was blocked by CP powder when she was picked up by fans, refused gifts and was smashed by a bouquet.

According to the explosion, Yang Zis fans were in disorder that day, Yang Zis only fans were very good, but the CP powder belonging to Yang Zi and Dunlun had been blocked. After assistant Yang Zi said that she could not accept the gift, you were asked why she didnt accept the gift by CP powder on the spot. You know very well in your heart, and even suspected that she smashed Yang Zis neck with a bouquet! Because of the disorder, Yang Zis shoes were also trampled down. At this time, her fans Zimi circled her to adjust her shoes, while CP powder was pushed forward. The action of CP fans aroused strong condemnation from Yang Zi fans.

CP powder dispatch

On the one hand, Purple Rice condemns CP powder in the article, and this CP powder is also in the article, but from the content, they do not seem to have stepped on Yang Zis shoes, and completely did not disclose what Yang Zi was hit by the bouquet, only to see the excitement of Aidou, and their own joy of choking CP.

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Yang Zi pick-up site (source:)

Subsequently, some netizens sunned clarification videos from the airport. Although the airport was in chaos and fans surrounded Yang Zi, the bouquet did not hit Yang Zi, but only met Yang Zis neck in the crowding. CP Fan also clarified various criticisms about airport pick-up, saying that they do not tear, curse, chase stars happily and be civilized.

Yang Zis studio also responded by calling on fans to give priority to safety in public places such as airports and stations. Keep a safe distance, avoid crowding, pushing and trampling, protect others and protect themselves.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Zhang Yi_NBJS7487