Men were exposed to have children with the actress when they used their false identities to expose rich women.

 Men were exposed to have children with the actress when they used their false identities to expose rich women.

Netease Entertainment reported on April 15. On April 14, a social news report exposed the news of a man running off as a wealthy woman in Shanghai, who was later dug up as a habitual offender by netizens.

Since August last year, Internet users have been exposing evidence of cheating by the man on the Internet. The man is called Yechen, whose real name is Ye Chengle. He claims to be the second generation of Shanghais rich people. Netizens said that their long-term drug abuse and fraud in Shanghai has cheated hundreds of girls, ranging from millions to thousands of dollars.

Subsequently, the man was revealed to have been married to actress Ni Ruizi.

Ni Ruisi is a famous singer, young singer champion of the Grand Prix, is also a famous actor. She has played the leading actress Jin Bungger in Gege Wants to Marry. She has also participated in the shooting of Nis leading role, Jianqun Daye and other works. She also had an affair with male star Luo Zhongxu in that year. Her predecessor is Hu Yanbin.

In addition, Ni Ruisi had a son for the man and was suspected of involvement in fraud.

Looking at Ni Ruizis Weibo, we can see that the update deadline is May 18. The last content of Weibo is that all the stars send their best wishes to their children for their first birthday. In the picture of blessing, Huang Shengyi, Huang Yi, Li Quan, Li Chen and other stars appear.

In Weibo, Ni Ruisi often shares his life with his children with his netizens, but never sees the picture of his father.

It is worth noting that his personal micro-blog has not been updated since May 18, while the time when the blogger reported Ni Ruizis suspected fraud case was June 18, that is to say, after being reported, Ni Ruizi disappeared completely in micro-blog.

Up to now, the drug addict Ye Chengle reported by the blogger has long been captured by the police, and Ni Ruisi himself has not yet appeared in public. If the information on the Internet is true, Ni Ruisi may also belong to the people involved.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Zhang Yi_NBJS7487