Chinese Ambassador to Chile refutes Pompeos attack on China: Some have lost their reason

 Chinese Ambassador to Chile refutes Pompeos attack on China: Some have lost their reason

Reference News Network reported on April 15 that the website of the Chinese Embassy in Chile released news on April 15. On April 14, 2019, Chiles mainstream media, Three oclock Newspaper published an exclusive interview with Ambassador Xu Bu in both paper and online editions, titled Pompeo has lost his mind and gone too far. On April 13, three oclock reporter Francesca Greiro interviewed Ambassador Xu at the embassy. In response to the vicious attacks on China by US Secretary of State Pompeo during his visit to Chile on 12 April, Ambassador Xu gave a reasonable, well-founded and forceful Refutation in his special interview. The excerpts of the interview are as follows:

1. After Mike Pompeos visit, do you think the Pinera government is on the American side?

The Chilean President will pay a state visit to China on April 24th and attend the second one belt and one way International Cooperation Summit Forum. We understand that Chiles Speaker of Parliament, Speaker of the House of Representatives and former President Frey will accompany us to visit China. I think this shows that Chile has attached great importance to the in-depth development of its relations with China for a long time. We have great respect for Chiles consistent foreign policy.

2. Mike Pompeos speech in Chile has a lot of Chinese-specific content. What do you think of this information?

His accusations against China are groundless. He even said that China had killed hundreds of Americans and contributed to terrorism. Mr. Pompeo has lost his mind. He has gone too far.

Chile is the host of this years APEC Conference and Climate Change Conference. Pompeo should focus on how the United States plans to contribute to the economic development of the Asia-Pacific region, how to contribute to the process of regional integration, how to contribute to the revitalization of the world economy, and how to contribute to the global challenges posed by climate change. However, he did not care about these problems, but focused on attacking other countries.

3. He accused China of being corrosive in its investment. He said that China is not a reliable partner.

Such accusations are absurd. Economic and trade cooperation between China and Chile has brought tangible benefits to Chiles economic development. The United States has not made substantial contributions to the economic development of Latin American countries, but accuses China of its economic and trade cooperation with Latin America and its investment in Latin America. Last year, China invested more than 6 billion US dollars in Chile, and Chile-Chile trade exceeded 42.8 billion US dollars, far higher than Chile-US trade of 24 billion US dollars. The benefits of China-Chile economic and trade cooperation are reciprocal.

4. Is America a reliable partner?

Pompeo claims that the United States is a reliable partner of Latin America, and I think he underestimated the memory of Latin American people. Historically, the United States regards Latin America as a backyard and frequently resorts to military intervention or sanctions against Latin American countries. There are numerous examples, including the relentless blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba for more than half a century, President Trumps construction of a separation wall along the border between the United States and Mexico, and the very little assistance provided by the United States to Haiti and Central American countries. Chileans are also well aware that Chiles development achievements are not the result of American charity.

5. Does Huawei provide espionage services to the Chinese government, as Pompeo said?

Pompeos accusation that Huawei was controlled by the Chinese government was a malicious lie. In fact, in February this year, the National Network Security Center of the United Kingdom considered that the 5G construction of Huawei did not pose a security threat.

The U.S. accusation is merely an attempt to stifle the legitimate and legitimate operation of Chinas high-tech enterprises under the guise of security.

Moreover, the United States is crying out for thieves. As we all know, the United States uses high-tech companies to eavesdrop on other countries. They worry that if these countries use Huawei products, the United States will not be able to continue to use their products for spying.

6. Do you think Chile will yield to pressure?

For a long time, the United States has been pressing other countries to ban Huawei products, but failed in Europe and New Zealand. I believe the Chilean government will make a wise decision, because Huaweis 5G technology is at the worlds most advanced level.

Huawei has been operating in Chile for many years and has built projects such as Southern Optical Cable, which has won the recognition of local partners. What we are seeing now is that Chile welcomes Huaweis increased investment and cooperation in Chile.

7. Will Chinas investment in Chile continue to grow?

Chinese companies are increasingly interested in investing in Chile, noting its sustained economic growth and political stability.

President Pineras state visit to China will strengthen this relationship. During the visit, the two sides will sign a series of agreements to promote cooperation in various fields.

Embassy Xu Bu receives a screenshot of the interview report (photo source: original picture of the website of the Chinese Embassy in Chile)

Source: Responsible Editor of Reference Message Network: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331