Police Detection of Deyun Social Artists Information Leakage: Three suspects have been arrested

 Police Detection of Deyun Social Artists Information Leakage: Three suspects have been arrested

In order to effectively clean up the sources of information dissemination, the public security organs throughout the country adhere to the problem-oriented approach, intensify the inspection of the high-incidence areas of information on violations and crimes, clean up more than 1.5 million items of information on various types of violations and crimes, and close down more than 160,000 illegal and illegal network accounts. At the same time, some Internet enterprises that do not conscientiously fulfill their network security management obligations should be strengthened. Public security organs at all levels have implemented territorial supervision responsibilities, strengthened supervision and inspection and administrative law enforcement, handled 6099 administrative cases, shut down 545 websites or suspended services, imposed administrative penalties on 225 websites with prominent illegal information, interviewed 4147 enterprises according to law, and shut down more than 140,000 illegal network accounts, communication numbers and payment accounts. ?

In addition, the public security organs have made great efforts to crack down on upstream crimes, intensified efforts to crack down on crimes of infringing citizenspersonal information, hacker attacks and sabotage, and illegal sale of black cards by providing information support, technical support and tool support, and arrested more than 1450 suspects. In the light of such illegal crimes as cyber pornography and cyber gambling, the public security organs insisted on initiative, rapid disposal and heavy blows, and captured more than 3280 persons involved. ?

April 15 is the fourth National Security Education Day for All. The national public security organs will take this opportunity to further carry out the special action of Net 2019, further crack down on and rectify the illegal and criminal phenomena on the Internet in an all-round way, continuously intensify the investigation and crackdown on various types of cybercrime cases, constantly strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility of the safety management of Internet enterprises, constantly strengthen the clearance of information on cybercrime, and comprehensively enhance the comprehensive management of cybersecurity. Strength and level, strive to create a clean and healthy network space, to ensure network security.

Typical cases?

Wuhan detects the case of peddling personal information

In November 2018, the automobile financial service platform of Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Ningrong Network was hacked, more than 300,000 user data were stolen and sold at a price of 35,000 yuan per hour. In this regard, the Wuhan police attach great importance to the network security department quickly set up a special team to carry out investigations. In January this year, the special task force successfully captured the suspect Wu Mou.

Yangzhou detects cases of infringement on citizenspersonal information

In December 2018, public security organs in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, found that some people maliciously carried out telephone marketing in their work. After further digging and expanding the line, a criminal gang that illegally acquires personal information of citizens and carries out telemarketing is identified. In February this year, Yangzhou police captured all 17 major suspects. After investigation, the group illegally stole more than 230 million pieces of personal information of citizens and made nearly 10 million yuan in illegal profits.

Beijing Detecting the Information Case of Online Trafficking Artists

In February this year, the official micro-blog of Beijing Deyun Society Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. released a statement saying that the address and itinerary of its artists were leaked. The network security brigade of Beijing Public Security Bureau immediately set up a special team to carry out investigation. On February 28, the special task force arrested three suspects, including Hao Mou. After examination, three people confessed to the criminal facts of selling artistsinformation for profit.

Beijing detects the case of illegal camera control

In February this year, the investigation of the Beijing Networking Security Corps found that more than 100,000 smart cameras involving many countries and regions could be viewed after a registered PPP member named Blue Eye was recharged. In March, the public security organs found out the real identity of the people involved and the track of their activities, and captured Wu Mou, the producer of APP in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

Sichuan cracked Alipay system case

In January this year, for the brush face new technology crime, the network security department of the Sichuan provincial public security organ knocked out a software used to make dynamic face pictures, cracked the face recognition system, and stolen criminal gangs from Alipay funds, seized 8 suspects and seized more than 3000 000 personal information of citizens.

Yibin detects the case of Internet molestation of young girls?

In January this year, the network security department of the public security organ of Yibin City, Sichuan Province, received a report from the masses. A netizen faked a child star to recruit staff members and took naked pictures of young girls on the grounds of interviews. In this regard, Yibin Network Security Department attaches great importance to the establishment of a special investigation team immediately, and successfully arrested the suspect Li Mou.

Shanghai Hongqiao Detecting Cheating Cases in Organizing Examinations

In March this year, the police investigation of Hongqiao Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau found that a criminal gang organized a number of college students to cheat in the spring college entrance examination by recruiting candidates and identifying candidates in advance. In this regard, Hongqiao police set up a special investigation team to crack down 11 cheating gangs, mainly Liu Mou.

Liyang detects the cyber navy case

In April this year, the public security organs of Liyang City, Jiangsu Province, received a warning from an enterprise that they found posts that distorted facts and defamed the reputation of the company. When they asked for deletion, they were required to be paid deletion from the website. Liyang police have captured 14 navy involved in the case through more than four months of investigation and investigation. After investigation, the gang committed more than 900 crimes in less than a year, making an illegal profit of 1.04 million yuan.

Ziyang detects the case of illegal use of information network

Recently, the network security department of the public security organ in Ziyang City, Sichuan Province, smashed 19 online games clubs that were suspected of using the information network illegally to organize gambling, and smashed 19 online clubs that used the game APP to organize gambling. After investigation, a network company in Chengdu developed the game APP. Through the alliance function of the game APP, there are more than ten online clubs to promote the game and recruit members. Members set up casinos freely in the game.

Neijiang detects cases of infringement on citizenspersonal information

In February this year, the network security detachment of Neijiang Public Security Bureau in Sichuan Province beat down a criminal gang that sold information on bare loans to college students, arrested 10 suspects and seized information on bare loans to female college students involving more than 100 people. According to investigation, since June 2018, illegal and criminal gangs headed by He Mou have frequently sent advertisements and sold naked loan information in QQ and Wechat groups.

Source: Responsible Editor of China Police Network: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331