What are low-grade red and high-grade black? Officials gave four typical cases

 What are low-grade red and high-grade black? Officials gave four typical cases

On February 27, the Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Strengthening the Partys Political Construction was issued, clearly pointing out that two safeguards should be resolutely carried out with correct understanding and correct action, and that low-level red and high-level black should not be carried out in any form.

As soon as Opinions was published, the hot words low-grade red and high-level black on the Internet aroused strong public concern.

What is low red and high black? What harm does it do? Recently, Sang Linfeng, deputy director of the commentary Department of the PLA newspaper, published the article Strictly guard againstlow-level redandhigh-level blackin the Party Construction magazine (No. 4, 2019), which is in charge of the Ministry of Publicity and Propaganda. Four typical cases were listed and analyzed one by one. Among them, the report ofpoverty-alleviating cadres marrying women poor householdswas named.

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The following is the text of the articleu2014u2014

Within our Party, red is the color of revolution, the color of initiation, loyalty and politics. However, once red and low-level collocation, it may evolve into a self-blackness. If the low-grade red is not corrected in time, it may be exploited and developed into high-grade black. Obviously, low-level black is easy to prevent, and high-level black because of deception, especially we need to be vigilant. Once the high-level black succeeds, it will seriously damage and damage the image of our Party.

The Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Strengthening the Partys Political Construction clearly pointed out that we must resolutely prevent and correct all erroneous words and deeds that deviate from thetwo safeguards. We must not engage in any form oflow-level redorhigh-level black, nor should we allow the Party Central Committee to be biased, double-faced andfalse loyalty. Obviously, low-level red and high-level black are erroneous words and deeds that deviate from two safeguards, and have the same nature as two-sided person, two-sided person and false loyalty. This warns every Party member and cadre that speaking about politics is by no means a slogan. We must achieve two safeguards in the concrete practice of preventing and correcting various low-level red and high-level black phenomena.

What is low red and high black?

The so-called low-level red means to simplify and vulgarize the Partys beliefs and political propositions intentionally or unintentionally. Low-level red can be divided into two situations. One is to stand on an individual standpoint and think that his words and deeds are speaking for the Party and express his justice with ignorance or extreme attitude, regardless of the reaction of the masses. The other is to deliberately exaggerate the facts and arouse peoples anti-sentiment by unprincipled flattery.

High-level black is a deliberate black with sinister intentions, which may be more skillful, more gorgeous and humorous in language, and sometimes even more disguised in academic clothes. Then it is to interpret the Partys ideals, beliefs, purposes, policies and so on in an extreme way to achieve the purpose of black. High-level black often contains ulterior purposes, some of them are sitting on the side of hostile elements and attacking our party, country and army with seemingly reasonable words and deeds.

Generally speaking, whether it is low-grade red or high-level black, whether it is subjective intent or objective ignorance, will bring damage to the cause of the Party.

At present, there are many phenomena of low red and high black around us. For example, a court in Heilongjiang Province wrote online that silent sister, 28 days of continuous overtime, no change of clothes, no shampoo, in the heart of the Executive Board policemen, she is a goddess, superwoman. It seems to praise the spirit of professionalism, but it is against the common sense of low red. Another example is the change in the style of work of some people, who wrote the deputy mayor ate the moon cakes he bought with his own money, which means that the officials did not need to pay for them before; others said that they were disciplined and propagated that they were warned and punished for not answering the telephone of the inspection team for four minutes after bathing, which made people feel that discipline was lacking in humanity; others said that they were fighting against poverty and wrote poverty-alleviation cadres and poor women households. Marriage, it is easy to think of our Partys poverty alleviation policy deviates from the theme. Some of these examples are too hard to handle; some are subjective and deviate from reality; some are extreme and counter-productive; some are mislabeled and confused. In the final analysis, the black is the image and prestige of the Party.

The emergence of low-level red and high-level black is a manifestation of the weak political ability of minority Party members and cadres. However, there are also some low-level red and high-level black practices, which are superb tricks of political two-sided people. The struggle in the ideological field is a war that can not see the smoke of gunpowder. A low-level red and high-level black incident may lead to a storm of public opinion, which will make our party lose points and lose points in the struggle. We often say that to be a soldier is not a gentleman. If a low-level red or high-level black incident happens to oneself, it is not a soldier, but a self-attack. The majority of Party members and cadres must enhance their political consciousness, constantly improve their ability to grasp the direction, the general situation and the overall situation, improve their ability to distinguish between political rights and wrongs, maintain political stability, control the political situation and guard against political risks, train a pair of political wisdom, be good at analyzing and solving problems politically, and be politically savvvvy and honest. Happy to the enemy, prevent and correct any form of low red and high black.

Source of this article: Changan Street Governor Responsible Editor: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331