Four national flight test heroes gathered in Yan Liangqing to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Chinas flight test cause

 Four national flight test heroes gathered in Yan Liangqing to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Chinas flight test cause

[Global Network reported on April 15 by special correspondent Yang Tiehu] Promote the spirit of air service and praise the heroes of Chinas test flight. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the flight test in New China, Wang Ang, Shujun, Huang Bingxin and Li Zhonghua, four national heroes of flight test, gathered at the China Airport City, Yanliang, Shaanxi, China Flight Test and Research Institute (also known as the Aeronautical Industry Test and Flight Center for short) to sum up their achievements, review their glorious journey and remember the martyrs.

Flight test is the test of Aeronautical product identification and scientific research under real flight conditions. It is a high-tech, high-risk, high-difficulty system engineering, an important link in the development and identification of new aircraft, and an effective means for the exploration and research of Aeronautical Science and technology.

On April 15, 1959, in Yanliang, a small town in the northeastern part of the ancient city of Xian, the aviation industry established the National Flight Test Team, the aviation industry flight test center. From then on, the history of China without flight test research institutes was ended, and the new Chinas own flight test undertaking was initiated. China has also become the fifth country in the world with independent flight test institutes after the United States, Russia, Britain and France. Home.

On April 15, Wang Ang (Left Fourth), Shu Jun (Right Fourth), Huang Bingxin (Left Three), Li Zhonghua (Right Three), Zhou Ziquan (Left Two), Zhao Peng (Left One), Shen Yi (Right Two) and other flight test heroes and aviation technology elites attended the theme event of Praise of flight test heroes. Yang Tiehu photo

Over the past 60 years, New Chinas flight test undertakings have covered almost all the tasks of aeronautical weapon equipment design finalization and airworthiness certification and flight test. A total of dozens of aircraft and engines, thousands of airborne equipment national-level certification and airworthiness certification and flight test tasks have been completed, more than 1300 special studies in the field of flight test have been completed, and more than 1,000 scientific and technological achievements have been obtained, including more than 60 national science and technology progress awards. u3002

Over the past 60 years, the new China flight test undertaking has started from scratch and has been built into a national comprehensive flight test base with multiple functions and a certain scale of aviation pre-research, military aircraft design finalization/identification and aircraft airworthiness certification and test. It breaks through a series of key technical difficulties in flight test. It has a complete research, test, design and trial-manufacture system consisting of more than 120 specialties, such as flight mechanics, strength load, flight quality, vibration and acoustics, power plant, flight control, flight simulation, test and data processing. Flight test specialty covers almost all the fields of aviation science.

If pilots are heroes, test pilots are heroes among heroes! Flying Leopard chief test pilot Huang Bingxin said passionately.

Over the past 60 years, people engaged in aviation scientific research and flight test undertakings in New China, with their countrys most important weapon and life-casting feelings, knocked on the Tianmen Gate and broke through dangerous barriers, depicted a magnificent and magnificent long volume of flight test undertakings. Four national flight test heroes, Wang Ang, Shujun, Huang Bingxin and Li Zhonghua, have emerged. They have trained Zhou Ziquan and Zhang Kerong, the winners of the Aviation Gold Award, and created a large number of elites in the field of international flight test pilots, such as Zhang Jingting and Zhao Peng.

In addition, since 1994, 16 comrades have sacrificed their lives in the test flight mission. They are heroes who sprinkle blood into the sky and defend the sacred cause with their lives.

A promising nation cant live without heroes, a promising country cant live without pioneers, and a sacred cause cant live without heroes shining with spiritual light. In the arduous undertaking of aviation scientific research and flight test, serving the country is a striking symbol; in the vast blue sky of the motherland, heroes are bright stars. (end)

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