Police will arrest Victory on charges of embezzlement and other charges

 Police will arrest Victory on charges of embezzlement and other charges

Netease Entertainment reported on April 15. South Korean police said that in addition to sexual intermediaries, they were also suspected of spreading illegal photographs, tax evasion, corruption and violation of the Food Hygiene Law. Therefore, after the investigation of sexual intermediaries, they will apply for arrest warrants together with other suspects.

South Korean police have obtained a record of successful transactions to provide money for sex brokers to waitresses in entertainment establishments and are investigating the origins of the money that Victory spent on birthday parties.

Victory invited friends and foreign investors to a birthday party on Palawan Island in December 2017, as well as eight waitresses in entertainment venues. The waitress said she took the initiative to have sex with the men who attended the Victory Birthday Party. Victory did not give direct instructions.

But the police think that the waitresses in these places of entertainment can hardly be regarded as successful acquaintances, and the invitation to the party winners also bear all the travel expenses of women, so the situation of sexual intermediation may exist. In addition, the police also judged that the successful remittance of money to these women, which was not just for tourism, could be seen as payment. Police are investigating the origins of the money spent on the birthday party.

According to Korean media, Shengli used Burningsun nightclub funds to pay tens of millions of won to broker Chi Mou. In response, YG said that Chi was the broker of Victory Company, whose salary was paid by YG. As to whether he had any other income in Victory, the company did not know, and after the termination of the contract with Victory, Chi had been dismissed.

According to the media, YG is also aware of the successful embezzlement of public funds to pay brokerssalaries. The police should investigate whether YG and Burningsun have any interest in dealing with each other.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Hu Mengyao_NK5655