Japan plans to build a 100-person space force to monitor the universe

 Japan plans to build a 100-person space force to monitor the universe

Reference News Network reported on April 15 that Japans Ministry of Defense has set a policy to set up a new force to monitor the status of space in fiscal year 2022 as 100 posts.

According to Japan Economic News on April 14, the space surveillance force will detect increasing space debris and suspicious satellite movements in space and share intelligence with the U.S. military. In addition, the Force will cooperate with members of the Five-Eye Alliance, which share confidential information, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, to build an international surveillance network.

Reported that the Japanese cosmic surveillance force will be established in 2022, 2023 began to officially operate. Its dedicated radar is deployed in Yamaguchi Prefecture, and an intelligence base gathered by the Analytical Institute is built in Tokyo Capital. The force will build a 100-person system and carry out 24-hour surveillance. Candidates for the force have been sent to American Air Force Base in Colorado to study space-related courses.

Reported that Japans space intelligence on space junk and other reliance on the United States, but also in improving the self-defense force system to achieve mutual sharing. The U.S. military cooperates with many countries in space surveillance. Five-Eye Alliance and seven countries, France and Germany, issued a statement on strengthening cooperation in space surveillance on the 10th.

Japan also wants to join the Five Eye Alliance surveillance network, the report said. During the 2 + 2 talks held by Japanese and US foreign ministers on the 19th, they will also discuss cooperation in the field of space.

Space is called the fourth battlefield after land, sea and air. It is closely related to the safety assurance and space utilization of missiles and troops guided by GPS satellites, as well as information gathering by UAVs.

Source: Responsible Editor of Reference Message Network: Wang Xu_NBJS8023