Putin praised the achievements of Russian army when new Russian missiles came out in piles

 Putin praised the achievements of Russian army when new Russian missiles came out in piles

Reference News Network reported on April 15 that, according to the US Newsweek website on April 11, Russias most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile with nuclear warheads is undergoing final phase testing, and other advanced weapons are coming out, some of which have already been listed.

Reported that at a recent ceremony for the promotion and award of high-ranking officers, Russian President Putin praised the recent achievements of the Russian army, especially in promoting ambitious weapons research and development programs. It is said that these weapons can defeat existing and even future missile defense systems. He then disclosed the latest developments in modern, powerful and sophisticated weapons that are and will determine the image of the Russian armed forces.

Putin told the participants: The vanguard missile system equipped with glider-propelled aircraft, our hypersonic intercontinental ballistic missile system, will greatly enhance the strength of the strategic missile force. The final test of the Salmat intercontinental ballistic missile was successful. As you may know, dagger hypersonic systems and dawn laser systems are on alert duty, he said.

The new surface vessels and nuclear submarines of the Russian Navy will be equipped with advanced weapons, including zircon hypersonic missiles, which are unparalleled in range and speed, he added.

In his State of the Union address in March 2018, Putin announced a number of such weapons and other advanced weapons projects, such as the Poseidon unmanned submarine vehicle and the 9M730 Haiyan nuclear-powered cruise missile. In the following year, the Russian military has tested all these weapons and made progress to varying degrees.

RS-28 Salmat Missile System

According to US media, the most speculative weapon was the RS-28 Salmat missile previously known as Satan-2 by NATO headed by the United States. In his speech in 2018, Putin said that the weapon had almost unlimited range and even the most advanced missile defense system could not help it. He also said in his State of the Union address in February 2019 that the weapon was undergoing a series of tests.

Russian Defense Minister Shaigu later told reporters that the Salmat missile has entered the next stage of testing. Shortly after Putin called the vanguard missile, which the Russian army claimed could reach 20 times the speed of sound, a response to the U.S. global missile defense plan, Shaugou announced that the weapon system, which could be installed on the Salmat missile, would enter a combat alert state by December.

Just a month ago, U.S. President Donald Trump released his Missile Defense Assessment Report of 2019, vowing to discover and destroy any missile launched to the United States at any place and at any time. The Republican leaders report highlighted the challenges of hypersonic weapons and cruise missile technology developed by Russia and other countries, citing ambitious new initiatives, such as building space-based interceptor missiles, which Russia warned could trigger an arms race.

Source: Responsible Editor of Reference Message Network: Wang Xu_NBJS8023