Does a woman athletes chest convention affect their performance on the court?

 Does a woman athletes chest convention affect their performance on the court?

In 2013, ESPN published a long article explaining the impact of breast development on female athletes. In most sports, excessive thoracic symptoms lead to neck and back pain, rash, carpal tunnel syndrome and other physiological symptoms, and even cause anxiety of female athletes. Halepp, who had a chest Cup of 34D, changed it to 34C after chest reduction surgery. She made it clear to the media that too large a chest slowed down her reaction and caused pain in her back.

Research shows that the breast weight of A cup is about 0.43 pounds, and each additional breast weight will increase by 0.44 pounds, which means that a female hurdler with D cup will bear nearly 4 pounds more weight than a male hurdler each time she crosses. And research shows that during an hour of jogging, female runnerschest vibrates thousands of times, which means that in addition to the resistance caused by the weight of the chest itself, female runners have to overcome the resistance caused by the vibration of their chest up and down. The larger the chest, the higher the resistance value is obviously. A survey of the London Marathon in 2012 showed that about one-third of all female runners who took part in the Marathon had significant chest pains, and the severity of the pain increased with the size of the cup.

UFC female player Lunda Lucy has made a bra for her better performance on the court.

Women athletes in events like gymnastics, if their breasts are overdeveloped, will almost declare the end of their career. American coaches usually reduce their diet when female athletes reach puberty to ensure that these girls do not overgrow. According to Joan Ryan, an American gymnast and figure skater, coaches even sniff at the snacks around athletes before the start of a days training. If they are found to steal snacks, girls will be punished. u3002 In his book, Ryan writes, We cant expect to have a feminine body and maintain the highest level of athletics at the same time. In 1996, the youngest member of the American gymnastics team, Dominic Moccaneou, said that gymnastics had made them little girls without breasts for life, and that overdevelopment is prohibited, but we secretly desire beautiful breasts.

However, although the impact of big breasts on female athletes is objective, there are still some female athletes who disagree. After the chest reduction operation, South African beach volleyball player Allena launched a big-boob-pride campaign. Allena said that Halaps behavior conveyed a wrong idea.u2014u2014 Big-breasted girls cant participate in sports, My chest is 32E, I think its not a problem for me. If I could, I would like to have a chest twice as big, and then I still dont think theres any problem with my performance on the field.

32E Sand Volleyball Player Alina

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