Mercedes-Benz Female Car Owners Negotiate Recording Exposure: Suspected Deceptive Consumption When Purchasing

 Mercedes-Benz Female Car Owners Negotiate Recording Exposure: Suspected Deceptive Consumption When Purchasing

On the afternoon of April 13, the Mercedes-Benz owner Wang Qian (pseudonym) met with the relevant leaders of Xian Lixing for consultation. The two sides did not reconcile on the spot and had disputes over several issues. The reporter of the Beijing News obtained a recording of the consultation from the family members of the female car owners. The recording shows that Wang Qian did not agree on the spot with the proposal of change or refund put forward by General Manager of Xian Lizhixing, expressing her willingness to wait for the results of the investigation after the vehicle detection before processing.

In addition, Wang Qian raised several doubts. First, 4S stores have been responding to the state three-pack rule that vehicles can only replace engines, but why not according to the requirements of the state three-pack, vehicle maintenance for more than five days to provide her with a spare car, shop owners have the suspicion of using the state three-pack to evade responsibility.

Secondly, on the day of car purchase, the salesperson urged her to use the loan to buy a car. After paying down and insurance fees, she was asked to transfer 15200 yuan to an individual. Then she learned that it was Mercedes-Benzs financial service fee. Is there any deception in the process? What is the basis of service fee collection and pricing standard?

Thirdly, after the video was released, 4S stores said they would respond next week. The matter was not settled through consultation, but why did they publicly inform the media on April 11 that they had reached a settlement with the car buyers?

Wang Qian said that all acts of Xian Lizhixing were avoided, charged arbitrarily and refused to admit. She could not accept an apology. The team said on the spot that all the questions Wang Qian reflected would be answered after the investigation.

Following is Wang Qians negotiation with Liu Yuanting, General Manager of Xian Lixing. The recording lasted 18 minutes and 49 seconds (the repetition was slightly deleted).

General Manager of Lizhixing 4S Store: Hello! Im Liu Yuanting, general manager of Xian Lixing.

Mercedes-Benz woman car owner: Hello! Ive been looking for you for nearly 20 days. Its a great honor to finally meet you today.

Li Zhixing General Manager: Its a good start to meet you. First of all, today is your birthday. Happy birthday to you! Im sorry, but in the process of buying a car, I know it has brought you a lot of unhappiness. Let me explain to you why I didnt see you in time.

On the 5th, I came back from the product meeting held in Germany and learned about your business. I have communicated with Mercedes-Benz in time for the first time. On the 9th, I went to Beijing to open this board of directors. At 11:00 a.m. on the 11th, we saw this network incident. To be honest, I was more surprised than you. On the 9th day, we reached an agreement. Maybe you are not particularly satisfied with it. But we have reached an agreement, which was drafted by you. We have never seen it in the process. But on the 11th day, the sales manager and the after-sales manager came to see you in time. They also reported the situation to us. We immediately followed Mercedes-Benz. Communications were made.

Im really sorry for the timeliness. Its a bit slow in the whole process. But yesterday Mercedes-Benz gave us the final answer. It formally agreed to change. Oh, its back! Because you have been offering to withdraw, but also wrote that email to you, and the previous said is to reply to you next week.

The reply you gave me was promptly conveyed to me by our sales manager. You are not satisfied. Today is your birthday, in fact, we have prepared a birthday gift for you, I am particularly sorry, I think I am also a girl, to see you sitting on the Mercedes-Benz crying, in fact, I am more uncomfortable than you.

This is a step that neither you nor we want to see. In fact, when they told me at the beginning, I said that customers can choose 4S and our home. I hope you are still our customers. But later they said that you no longer choose. I said, there is no reason. It is only a short time to go out. There is no reason to return it to customers.

Although it can only meet the standard of engine replacement in the three-package regulation of the state, I can not accept the emotional aspect of this, so we have been actively communicating with Mercedes-Benz. In fact, Mercedes-Benz is also actively dealing with, but it has a process, only blame our speed is too slow, and did not think of this (network incident) happened.

Mercedes-Benz woman car owner: Your statement is longer and more official. Just now, the leaders have given me some guidance. I am not as good-tempered as my sister. You can handle the problem officially calmly. Maybe its not on you, so you represent the official. In fact, I am not good-tempered, but I am a kind person, so simple. What you said just now has made my temper rise again, so I dont want to listen to it anymore. Sorry, let me talk about it.

I am very honored to meet you, because I have been looking for you to find, see you for various reasons, you are in Germany or anywhere, but I do not have your mobile phone day, nor your Wechat Day, Germany I can also call you, I have been asking to talk to you.

By the afternoon of April 11, we had more than 90 million readers. Ill let your sales come to me. I asked to see the leader. No one gave me your contact information. I believe you have contact information in any country. So you have nothing special to explain about this matter. I dont understand. I dont accept it.

You just said it very well. On April 11, your official gave me a reply, right? Why do you say that on April 9, I reached a settlement with you and you released it to the outside world? Didnt you just say that? I sent an email to you on April 11 and need a reply from Mercedes-Benz next week. Why did I reconcile with you on April 9? What do you mean by this reconciliation? Is your time a mess? Let me repeat that, on April 9, when you were not on the spot, I forced your salesmen to sign on it. I used the word force. That thing was written by me. When I finished writing, I forced him to sign. If he did not sign, I would not let him go. Since my face is gone, he has to sign it. He refuses to affix his official seal. He says this can only be done by individuals, but the specific results are still waiting for Mercedes-Benz to deal with. So I dont know who you mean to negotiate with me amicably.

Mercedes-Benz woman car owner: Ill ask you a few simple questions. First, the money is handed over to your 4S shop, I hand in the Xian Li Star, not this Mercedes-Benz official, how do you communicate with the Mercedes-Benz official is your matter, and what is the relationship with me? I am a caterer. Did someone eat food poisoning in my shop? I said that the farmer who planted vegetables sprayed pesticides. Should I communicate with the farmer first? I think its absolutely necessary. Please admit that its your business. All right.

Second, when giving money, it is in accordance with your requirements. On March 22nd, payment is signed by contract, and the money is given on the spot! __________ There is a problem, you just admitted that the new car has such a problem, you support me emotionally, then a very simple question, why do you repeatedly push back and forth to finally say that you have to change the engine.

You just told me that according to the three national packages, again, todays leaders are also here. The three national packages are to protect consumers, and they are not your reasons for pushing them off. At this moment, you are pushing off to the state three bags, the state three bags do not carry the pot, and the leaders do not carry the pot.

Then Ill ask you the simplest question. You talk to me about the three national packages. Then Ill ask you the simplest question. As long as you can answer this question, Ill even go through it today.

According to the three national packages, you have to equip me with a spare car if the car is repaired for more than five days. I have made four appeals with you. You dial out 400 (at the beginning) calls, and you say that you dont have a car, depending on the situation of each store. Now youre talking to me about the three national guarantees, which is taken out of context. The three national packages are good for you. You come to prevaricate me. The three national packages are good for me. You can tell me about the stores. Excuse me, are the three national packages yours or are they taken out of context? Why dont you say that the three national packages help me?

Then I want to ask you my last question. As a consumer, do you promise that you will not be deceived in the whole process? Are you sure? Can you guarantee on behalf of the company that I have not been deceived in the whole process? Are you sure?

Profit Star General Manager: Do you think I need to deceive a God of mine?

Female Mercedes-Benz Owner: Very good. I dont know where your Mercedes-Benz financial fee came from. No one explained it to me. I would like to tell you that everyone knows about me. I can afford this car at all. Can I pay in full? You let me make a Mercedes-Benz financial loan with a low interest rate. I said I dont want to borrow. You lured me into buying it. Did you tell me before I bought it that there was such a sum of money as a financial service fee? No,

On the day I was asked to pay for it, I brought a card with me to pay for it. First, you let me go to the financial department to pay for it. After paying down the insurance, you took me to a person. He said that he would give me a confirmation of Mercedes-Benz Finance. Asked a lot of questions, such as you are so-and-so, is it a loan, I signed. The last person said you needed a sum of money and paid 10,000 yuan.

I said yes. Lets go to the finance office. It means paying (sweeping) two-dimensional codes. Didnt I say I swiped my card? (That person said) This money cant be swiped. You can transfer your on-site monitoring. With my location, Ill be right next to the water bar.

Then why cant I swipe my card? Im very confused. You guys left and left me there in more than 20 minutes. I call the sales person again and the sales person calls over and says, Sister, dont embarrass them, just send them a Wechat, Ill send the card tied up by Wechat. I paid the Weixin quota twice for 10,000 yuan and more than 5,200 yuan, and then I wrote out a receipt.

I didnt say that at that time. I thought that was what you said at that time. I didnt have any doubts, because I totally trust you. I didnt know what the service charge was until yesterday when my netizens told me they had been cheated.

Mercedes-Benz Female Owner (Continue): Do you think I can accept it from my heart? Give me a bunch of invoices, give me a bunch of receipts, unexpectedly this has not invoiced, and transferred to a private account, you tell me this is not deception?

If I admit your service charge, I also admit that I gave you a tip of 1000 yuan, even if you have a very good sales service today. Would you let me know where the service fee is? Why does Mercedes-Benz finance charge me this money? Why did you cheat me into brushing the money without telling me? Cheat me into running Mercedes-Benz Finance? I tell you like this, I do not run Mercedes-Benz Finance, my credit card can now take out more than 400,000, without handling fees. I have this amount of credit.

I mortgage your house in Shanghai. Im not a qualified person. Do you understand what I mean? What do you serve me? Ill ask you, did Mercedes-Benz Finance not interest me? I dont need any information. Would you like to call me at the bank? You Mercedes-Benz Finance gave me a piece of paper, I prepared the information for you, what do you serve me? Why do you charge more than 15,000 yuan?

15000 yuan, sister, you may have money, you are a big company, think it is a small money. Our restaurant, 10 yuan a bowl of noodles, I have to take away more than 1000 bowls to make this money, this money I can earn, but it is very hard. I can afford this car and I can afford it, but thats not the case. You just said it very well. Why bully our consumers?

If you tell me this first, I dont think its my fault. I ask you to adjust all your monitoring. Did he leave us there for more than 20 minutes, which means that you should consider it for yourself? I paid all the money, and you are very pragmatic, let me pay down first, pay all the other money, and then talk to me about the cost.

This is the last fee, so I can only pay, and this person is at your scene, I am going to catch him now, do you make me think you are charging arbitrarily? Excuse me, which law of the country should use this fee?

Mercedes-Benz female car owner (continued): I dont want to talk to you about anything else now. You talk to me about three bags. I have only two points. I now recognize that even if you change the engine, even if you dont need to change it. I dont want more than 600,000 yuan for this money, but I have to ask for a breath for myself. If you talk to me about three packages, then Ill talk to you about the law. I have three questions for you to answer:

First, this Mercedes-Benz financial service fee. I say I dont know. Youre cheating. You can check that account to find out who is collecting the money on behalf of you and where it will eventually flow to. Im sure there are people who have been deceived by you like me. This is a stud made of iron. You talk to me about law, I talk to you. We wont pick up the car for the time being. I dont need you to change the car or the engine. Nothing is needed. Its your business to do whatever you want. But my question you have to answer: Mercedes-Benz financial fees you are cheating, until yesterday (April 12) I did not know I was cheated a sum of money, do you feel terrible?

But how many people have been cheated by you like me? Sure, Ill ask, Ill pull another person, pull an unknown person to take out his bill and tell him this one. Do you know the end of the money? Hear nothing of.

I know what the down payment is, what the loan is, and even what the interest on the loan is, like 35% in 10 years, but I dont know what the financial service fee is. Well, if you think I should know about it, what did you serve me? Is it worth more than 15,000 yuan? What price standard do you use? Ten yuan for shoe polishing and bowls of water. Thats what the waiter earns from a months work.

(Benz) I didnt do the same thing in finance. All the information was sent to me. I did it. I went to the bank to fetch water. I went to get a residence permit. I went to the public security bureau to get a residence permit. I went to collect all the information. Today, you would like to talk to me about the service charge. What is the pricing standard of your 15,000 yuan? I want to hear it. You must give me an answer. You cant get around it.

Mercedes-Benz Female Owner (Continue): Now I repeat it again, maybe its your jurisprudence, I repeat it again. You said that three packages would change the engine for me. Okay, lets not talk about that. OK. If it is really necessary to change the engine according to the three national packages, I accept. Now, please answer three questions about the law.

First, the fee for financial services is 15,000 yuan. First of all, I said I didnt know anything about it, and I would like to represent all the Mercedes-Benz women car owners. Im going to find out if I know theres cheating. Youre cheating and blackmailing, and obviously put us there that day, insisting that I sweep your two-dimensional code. I said swiping cards is not allowed.

Secondly, what is the standard of 15000 yuan? Its called financial service fee. What do you serve me? What is your valuation standard for this 15,000 yuan financial service? All the information is provided by me, right?

The third point is the most important. I would like to ask all of you here that Mercedes-Benz has so far refused to accept arbitrary charges. I dont understand what it means to sit here today. Really, Im giving face to the leaders. They are really very good. They (originally) have a rest today. Thanks to the care of the leaders, they give up their rest early in the morning.

That day, when you called me in the middle of the night, the whole people were watching what you were doing. Cheating, cheating again and again. There are too many deceptions you have done. I have all the evidence. I dont want to talk about them one by one. Today, let me wait for the reply from Mercedes-Benz next week. On April 9, you admitted to all the official media that the Bureau of Industry and Commerce had said that we had friendly consultation and that the time was confused and the logic was incompatible.

Leader of the Field Investigation Team: Yes, this situation needs to be investigated again. Including the financial service fee you are talking about now, like this question, you will get a very satisfactory answer next.

Mercedes-Benz woman car owner: OK, I still have some questions to ask. You tell me about three packages. Do you mean that three packages help me to repair for more than five days? You have to equip me with a car. This is three packages management. You open (see), I call you, after sales, 400 (the beginning of the call), all Mercedes-Benz related (call), your consistent reply to me is to see the situation of the stores.

I would like to ask your big shop, such a big matter, do not give me a car or your shop situation, knowing the national law and three packages of this article, you can not recognize, you only recognize the benefit of you? If its not good for you, dont recognize it. You still talk to me about three packages. Are we equal?

My car is under contract from March 22 to today. Have you ever cared about how I travel? Really? No, Now you are sitting opposite me and talking to me about a lot of tall people. Im sorry, but I dont accept it in Germany. Im sorry, I dont accept it. I dont accept apologies.

Li Zhixing General Manager: I apologize to you because you are not happy in the process of purchasing in our company. So I apologize for it. I dont apologize for not seeing you in Germany. Lets finish first.

Mercedes-Benz woman car owner: Sorry, I dont want to hear what you say now. Im a little emotional. Today, I celebrate my birthday. Im not easy to be calmed down by the leaders. Now you have to come to excite me and deny me. Why do you think I should sit here and listen to you?

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