Women lying naked with bloodstains insist they do not need police intervention

 Women lying naked with bloodstains insist they do not need police intervention

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Ive been hungry for five days! Women lie naked with bloodstains but insist that no police intervention is needed (Source: ~)

On April 12, a bizarre case happened in an apartment on Guangfu South Road in northern Taiwan. A solitary woman surnamed Zhao lost her Union for two days. When she was discovered by police, she was lying naked on the ground with dried blood on her body. Fortunately, she was conscious. The first sentence she said was five days hungry. Police said that although Zhao said afterwards that her wounds were caused by a fall, there were many doubts in the case because of decoration at home and confessions from friends.

Police said they had received a report from Zhaos girlfriend that a woman surnamed Zhao (53 years old) had been out of touch for two days and asked for a door-breaking examination for fear of her safety. Indeed, when police climbed into the house from the balcony, they found Zhao nude and fell to the ground, not only with dried blood marks and scratches on her body, but also with bloodstains on the walls and floors beside her, which seemed quite strange.

Originally thought that Zhao Nu had lost her breath, she looked up weakly the next second and said with all her strength, Ive been hungry for five days. Rescue workers rushed to the stretcher and sent them to Cathay Pacific Hospital for treatment.

It is understood that Zhaos children are all abroad and live alone in Taiwan. Its just inconceivable that there are many restaurants nearby in the busy Eastern lane. It should be easy to find food downstairs. In addition, the indoor furniture is sealed with plastic film, and the door lock is changed into a new one. Apart from the bloodstains on the walls and floors, the whole house looks like nobody lives in it. Zhao Nu is suspected of being imprisoned.

The police pointed out that because the preliminary investigation on the spot did not find any anomalies, although there was a discrepancy between the two-day allegation of loss of couplet and Zhao Nus statement that she was hungry for five days, Zhao Nu said afterwards that she had accidentally fallen and that the whole case did not require police to intervene in the investigation, so the follow-up personnel did not further clarify.

It is still a mystery why Zhao Nu fell naked at home, why she was hungry for several days, why there were blood stains on her body and home environment, and who imprisoned her.

Source of this article: Look at the News Responsible Editor: Yang Yi_NBJ10647