Should the Taiwanese Army recruit the PLA with a bag of instant noodles? Netizens laughed

 Should the Taiwanese Army recruit the PLA with a bag of instant noodles? Netizens laughed

Overseas Network on April 14, the Radio Army recently demonstrated their strange brain hole, demonstrating the heart-warfare means of recruiting and surrendering the Communist Army, and producing a large number of devoted food, including devoted instant noodles and devoted milk sugar. A series of operations to the Taiwanese netizens look at a stunned, direct call Taiwanese army is simply ridiculous.

According to Lianhe Bao, the Taiwanese Defense Department Xinzhan brigade has produced a large number of devoted food to demonstrate the Taiwanese armys Xinzhan means. The Taiwanese army printed simplified characters on the packaging of egg rolls, biscuits, instant noodles and milk candy to resist the Communist forces and surrender quickly. The carton also printed a map of the location of the nearest surrender site.

Lou Weijie, director of the Wenxuanxin Warfare Department of the Taiwan Defense Department, shouted that this was an effective countermeasure to the threat of civil attack and military force on the mainland, giving full play to the threat effect that the enemy dared not easily offend me.

The heart-warfare food of the Taiwanese Army is like this. A kind of

However, there are different opinions within the Taiwanese Army about the so-called food for surrender. Wang Yihong, the commander of the Taiwanese Armys Civil War, denied that this was aimed at the PLA. He also explained that the US military used the same method of recruiting and surrendering in the Persian Gulf War. But netizens questioned, if not for the PLA, why print simplified characters?

The Taiwanese armys use of the sincere food made by Chingqi Brain Cave really made Taiwanese netizens laugh off their teeth and taste the comments of Taiwanese netizens.

Thats funny. Whats the age now? Use this tactic again! What evening is it today? Is the Taiwanese Army still alive 40 or 50 years ago? What kind of foolish war is this?

The so-called heart warfare jokes of the Taiwanese army are not repeated once or twice.

Earlier, the Taiwanese Army had such a heart-to-heart war cry: Dear brothers of the Communist Army, you have been surrounded! There is a sea of fire before, and there is no way back. Come out and be honest.

A lot of young people are laughing when a Taiwanese general read the report, the Lianhe Daily said. Some legislators said that the content was inappropriate, we have limited possibilities of inviting them (PLA) to surrender.

Some Taiwanese netizens have come up with a new shout: Dear Communist Army, we have given up. Other netizens said that the DPP authorities were not worth fighting for.

Many mainland netizens have come up with new words for the Taiwanese army. A kind of

From heart-warfare shouts to devotion to food, Taiwan authorities frequently show off the line. When on earth can they understand the mainlands saying that resisting unification by force is a dead end?

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