American scalpers are more rampant? The duplicate 4 fried to 50,000 yuan a piece and someone bought it.

 American scalpers are more rampant? The duplicate 4 fried to 50,000 yuan a piece and someone bought it.

As the final gathering of Iron Man, American Team and Raytheons three giants of the first generation, it is expected that Reunion 4 will catch fire, but this kind of fire will somewhat subvert the understanding of the earth people.

As you may have heard, domestic ticket prices have risen from 100 yuan to 300 yuan and then to 1000 yuan, which is comparable to the Spring Festival Festival Festival. But do you think its better abroad?

Americas scalpers have already speculated in ticket prices to 50,000 yuan.

Although it was released two days later than in China, pre-sale began in the United States on April 2, local time. Until today (14), it is impossible to buy premiere tickets through the normal way of major ticketing websites.

As a result, a large number of cattle were born on the second-hand auction website eBay. The biggest appetite is this netizen from Nevada.

Not $250, not $2500. His bid price is $25,000 for two! Thats about 160,000 yuan, or 80,000 yuan per piece.

Of course, if you dont want to buy directly, you can also bid. What is the initial bidding price given by this netizen?

Two for $15,000, about 100,000 yuan. That is to say, he doesnt sell less than 50,000 copies at all...

It quickly shocked the mainstream media in the United States, and CNN also interviewed the seller, Steven Hirsch, last week.

Steven said he grabbed two tickets within 20 minutes of the pre-sale and was going to take his father to see them. However, when he happened to brush his Facebook, he saw someone sell it for $1,000 a piece, and felt that he had found a business opportunity. After all, the original price was just over $120 a piece.

The original price is almost the same.

And I know Im too high... I wanted to see if anyone would take a second refund and then scold me for being an idiot, but in case someone actually bought it.

Seeing here, some people may ask: is there really a big grievance who cant buy the price that has been falsely labeled at this level?


The Huffington Post reported in early April that someone in New Jersey bought two first-day afternoon tickets for $15,000, and then someone in New York bought two third-day tickets for $9,199...

Moreover, although only one Steven-class price tag was posted, there were a lot of $1,800 tickets, including a lot of non-premieres:

Twitter netizens have expressed their acceptance that they cant...

In any case, from the pre-sale event of Compound 4, it can be said that it is unprecedented phenomenal blockbuster. On the day of pre-sale, the official websites of Fandango, Atom Tickets and AMC, the three major ticketing platforms in North America, appeared a certain degree of Karton and collapse.

Atom Tickets reveals that Compound 4 has improved the sites many historical records by several files. For example, its first day of pre-sale box office is five times as much as that of Sea King and three times as much as that of Compound 3. It took only 10 days to sell out, you know, the predecessor King of Pre-sale and Sea King took 32 days...

And the final pre-sale volume of Confederation 4 is almost double that of Neptune, Star Wars 8, Confederation 3 and Captain Marvel combined.

Danguo also said that it took only six hours for Reunion 4 to refresh the websites first day box office record, leaving Star Wars 7, Star Wars 8, Chivalrous One and Reunion 3 far behind. The box office in the first week of pre-sale reached five times as much as that of Double Couplet 3.

Not only that, according to the incomplete statistics of the Wechat Public Number of Film Together, in the UK, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, the Netherlands and other countries, Release 4 has also set a new local pre-sale record...

As the worlds first person to see the film, domestic fans are even less successful. According to the Cats Eye Professional Edition data, the pre-sale of Compound 4 successfully broke 100 million yuan in 10 hours, creating the fastest record in Chinese film history.

Based on this information, Variety, a well-known entertainment media in the United States, estimates that the opening box office of films in North America is between $230 million and $283 million, with the highest opening box office in the world reaching $800 million. Deadline is more optimistic about the future, believing that North Americas $300 million box office success is entirely possible.

But do you want to consider bringing the whole family to China to see the price of this immortal in the United States?

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Observer Network: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331