Public Enemy of the Whole People? American Media Reporters Grab the Moment in Trumps Eye

 Public Enemy of the Whole People? American Media Reporters Grab the Moment in Trumps Eye

When it comes to media, Trumps most frequently used word is probably fakenews, which has been in N rounds of war with mainstream American media since taking office.

What is the media in Trumps eyes? The answer may be found in a photograph by Associated Press photographer Pablo Martnez Monsivis.

Source: Martinez Twitter

This photo is on fire... Whats in Trumps eyes? Stars? The sea? Is it a black hole?

No, its the media!

This picture of the media in Trumps eyes is beautiful and frightening, BuzzFeed News reported Wednesday, local time.

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Martinezs picture was taken on the South Lawn of the White House, where Trump answered media questions before boarding the presidential plane Air Force One.

Are you in Trumps eyes? CNN host Jeanne Moos asked Martinez.

Maybe. Martinez answered. Standing in the middle of the White House media team, he thought he had taken a normal picture of the president.

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To be honest, I was shocked myself, Martinez told BuzzFeed News. At first, I decided to send this picture out before I left work. Then I left for a while, and when I came back, I suddenly foundWow!

Martinezs posting of the photo on his Twitter prompted a heated discussion among netizens.

Someone was shocked by the ultra-high-definition quality of this photo. Its time to get a Pulitzer Prize, or some other news photo award. Its unprecedented. It really captures the spirit of the United States, and its amazing.

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There are also netizens from this pair of eyes, see uneasiness, fear. After all, Trump once said, False news, public enemy of the whole people! The enemies are looking at him...

This netizen simply rubbed a hot spot, took out the most popular black hole photo recently, P into the black hole eye, just right.

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CNN also found the rope used by the White House to block media reporters from Trumps eyes that day. CNN reporters stressed that it was not Trumps eyelashes, but rope.

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For Martinez, photography takes years of experience and skill, but more importantly, luck.

As a 25-year-old photographer, Martinez recorded four sessions of the U.S. government and mastered the skills of shooting the President of the United States. I prepared three cameras for my photographs, each with different lenses, and I will decide which camera to use according to the Presidents position.

Its not really that difficult, Martinez said. The difficulty with this picture is that I took it in front of the sun. Besides, the president often moves around when he speaks.

Source: Responsible Editor of Observer Network: Yang Yi_NBJ10647