Hui Ruoqi, the former captain of Chinese womens volleyball team, was elected Vice-Chairman of Jiangsu Youth Federation

 Hui Ruoqi, the former captain of Chinese womens volleyball team, was elected Vice-Chairman of Jiangsu Youth Federation

Yesterday, Hui Ruoqi, the Olympic champion and former captain of the Chinese womens volleyball team, was elected Vice President of the Jiangsu Youth Federation.

The 12th plenary session of the Youth Federation of Jiangsu Province was held in Nanjing on April 12 and 13. Zhang Yingchun was elected as Chairman of the Youth Federation of Jiangsu Province and Hui Ruoqi and 18 other vice-chairmen.

The governor of Changan Street noticed that Hui Ruoqi said on Weibo: Its a great honor to continue serving the youth group as vice president. She is also the eighteenth representative of the Communist Youth League.

In March 1991, Hui Ruoqi was born in Dalian, Liaoning Province. She was the 15th captain of the Chinese Womens Volleyball Team in 2013, wearing No. 12 jersey.

In the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Chinese womens volleyball team played against Serbia in the final. Hui Ruoqi scored with a probe ball at a critical moment to lock in the winning game, helping the Chinese womens volleyball team win the championship, and returned to the Olympic peak 12 years later.

After receiving the first Olympic bonuses, I began to have the idea of setting up a public welfare fund. After all, we are the last to be remembered, and many unknown people have paid a lot. I have the ability to do something. Hui Ruoqi said in an interview.

At the beginning of 2017, Hui Ruoqi gave out her 500,000 yuan Olympic prize money and set up a charitable fund named Hui Ruoqi Womens Volleyball Development Fund with Jiangsu Development Sports Foundation. In August 2018, Hui Ruoqi became a special fund of China Social Welfare Foundation, renamed Hui Fund, aiming to help retired athletes who have dedicated their youth to volleyball cause. Coaches, at the same time, better promote volleyball.

Hui Luo Qi

In addition, Hui Foundation launched sports support projects for schools in remote areas, helping local schools hold campus games and sending professional sports knowledge and sports equipment to children, such as the Eagle Games project in Qinghai.

Hui Ruoqi said that many schools in poverty-stricken and remote areas are seriously lack of physical education. Such consequences are not only the decline of physical fitness, but also the impact of psychological level, which can easily cause inferiority, autism, lack of communication skills and lack of positive spirit for children. Professional physical education can develop childrens potential well and help them grow healthily physically and mentally.

How much ability, how much work to do, since the decision to do public welfare needs to be done in the long run, can not be a snake in the tail. Hui Ruoqi said.

The governor of Changan Street noticed that Wei Qiuyue and Xu Yunli had new identities among Hui Ruoqis female queue mates.

In January 2018, Wei Qiuyue was elected Deputy Secretary of Tianjin Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League (part-time); in August, she was hired as Vice President of Tianjin Sports Vocational College.

Wei Chiu Yue

Before that, Wei Qiuyue was elected as the nineteenth representative of Tianjin. During the congress, she said, As athletes and loyal Communists trained by the Party and the state, I also hope that I will never forget my first intention in the future new posts, bring the spirit of womens volleyball to my new posts, and continue to contribute to Chinas sports cause with the spirit of never-say-die sports, and bring along the party members and the masses around me, so as to never forget my first intention. The spirit of womens volleyball team and sportsmanship will go on a new journey and realize the Chinese dream.

On November 30, 2018, the 12th plenary session of Fujian Youth Federation Committee closed in Fuzhou. Xu Yunli was elected Vice President of Fujian Youth Federation.

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