Studies say that 20percent of Chinese people die from eating the wrong meal? Expert: exaggeration

 Studies say that 20percent of Chinese people die from eating the wrong meal? Expert: exaggeration

Its exaggerated to saytwo adults died of eating the wrong food. Cardiovascular diseases and tumors are complex chronic diseases. They are the result of multiple hazards. They cannot regard eating wrong food as the sole cause of death. Huang Tao, a postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health and a researcher at the Peking University School of Public Health, told Sci-tech Daily in an interview Thursday.

Recently, Lancet magazine published the first large-scale study in the field of global diet. By analyzing the dietary structure of people in 195 countries and regions, we found out the eating out mortality and disease burden.

Research data show that in 2017, 3 million people died because of too salty food, which is equivalent to too little grains and 2 million people died because of too little fruit.

This is interpreted as: nearly 20% of the worlds deaths are due to eating the wrong meal, with a higher proportion in China. Whats more, the study gives a terrible result for some parts of China - 20% of Chinese people die from eating the wrong meal!

20% of Chinese deaths are related to unhealthy diet?

So, is this statement ambiguous?

Chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and tumors are the main killers in China and even in the world. In 2016, cardiovascular diseases and tumors accounted for 32.26% and 16.32% of all deaths worldwide.

The situation of chronic diseases in China is grim. The data show that the death caused by chronic diseases has accounted for 86% of the total national mortality, which is much higher than the global average of 68% published by the World Health Organization. The death caused by cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in China has accounted for more than half of the deaths caused by chronic diseases (51% of the deaths caused by chronic diseases and 44.2% of the total deaths). Wang Longde, president of the Chinese Society of Preventive Medicine and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said.

It is expected that in the next 20 years, the number of chronic diseases (cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes mellitus and lung cancer) will increase 2-3 times among people over 40 years old in China; by 2030, there will be 31.77 million stroke patients, and the situation of prevention and control will be very serious.

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and tumors are characterized by long incubation period and complex etiology, which are caused by multiple risk factors, such as unhealthy diet structure, dietary habits and lifestyles, environmental factors, psychological factors and genetic factors. Huang Tao said.

Research published in the Lancet clearly points out the health hazards of unhealthy diet, and points out that the most important unhealthy dietary habits associated with death include eating too salty, eating too little cereals, and eating too little fruit.

From the data above, we can see that the top three diets are high salt, low whole grains and low fruit diets.

However, unhealthy dietary habits are not the only cause of death. More accurately, 20% of Chinese peoples deaths are related to unhealthy diet. Therefore, in addition to improving dietary habits and balanced diet, Chinese people can not ignore other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and cancer risk factors. Huang Tao said.

The main reasons for the rapid increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases in China are the prolongation of life expectancy, the aggravation of aging and the frequent occurrence of geriatric diseases; the large increase of people with risk factors such as hypertension, dyslipidemia and obesity; obesity is the main cause of chronic diseases, and the risk factors are also spreading to children. The imbalance of intake and consumption, the rapid increase of consumption of animal meat and fat, the gradual decrease of grain consumption, the obvious decrease of vegetable intake, the obvious insufficiency of fruit intake and the excessive consumption of physical energy are the important factors causing high blood lipid and obesity. Wang Longde said.

Improving dietary habits and structure is important

How is the original Lancet expressed?

According to a study published in Lancet magazine, in 2017, about 11 million people worldwide (about 22% of all deaths) died from diet, including 10 million from cardiovascular disease, 91 million from cancer and 330,000 from type 2 diabetes. In addition, in 21 regions of the world, the highest diet-related cardiovascular mortality is in Central Asia, and the highest diet-related cancer mortality is in East Asia.

Purple Block is the lowest mortality rate caused by the Earths diet.

The study further analyzed the impact of a single dietary factor on mortality. Of all diet-related deaths, more than half were related to eating too much salt, eating too little whole grains and eating too little fruit. More importantly, high salt intake is the most important risk factor for death in China. Therefore, globally, improving dietary habits and dietary patterns is important for disease prevention. Huang Tao said.

How should we correctly and scientifically understand this article?

As the article concludes, unhealthy eating habits are associated with many chronic diseases and have an important impact on chronic non-communicable diseases worldwide. It is worth pointing out that the data adopted in this study are mainly from self-reported dietary data of observational studies. Therefore, there is insufficient evidence of causal effects in this study, and measurement errors will have a certain impact on the results, which may be the main reason for the neglect of the two major risk factors of high sugar and high fat. Huang Tao said.

It is important to correctly understand that cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and tumors are caused by multiple risk factors.

Unhealthy diet is not the only cause of death. Smoking, lack of exercise, environmental pollution and genetic factors are also major risk factors. Therefore, in addition to balancing meals according to the Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents, it is equally important to have a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude towards life in order to prevent disease and death. Huang Tao stressed.

The good habits you think may not be healthy

What many people dont know is that vegetable oil has a very high calorie value. Vegetable oil of the same weight provides more than twice as much calorie as pork and more than four times as much calorie as eel. Sometimes people think that good habits may not be healthy.

For example, the proportion of Chinese people, especially men, who often eat fruit is low. They think fruit is a snack, but they can eat it or not.

In fact, fruits contain minerals that are essential to the human body but not self-synthesized. They have strong antioxidant effects, vitamins that prevent cell senescence, and soluble fibre pectin, which can significantly reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood. Wang Longde suggested replacing eating fruit first with eating fruit first. Putting fruit before meals can ensure rapid digestion, effectively help control calories, supplement dietary fiber, minerals and trace elements.

Can you lose weight by eating less? Eating less can only affect immune function, and weight will rebound. Wang Longde said.

Can you lose weight by sweating a lot? In this regard, Wang Longde said that the bodys water is mainly in body fluids and muscle cells, but not in fat cells. Thirst can occur after a lot of sweating, leading to a lot of drinking water, and then quickly regain the original weight. The advantage of sweating is that it can take away part of the metabolic waste, but it is impossible to lose weight only by sweating a lot without proper exercise.

Chinese people need a dietary revolution, scientific dietEight-Character Policy. Adjustment, maintenance, control and increase. Wang Longde said that we should balance intake and consumption by eating at least five kinds of vegetables and fruits every day; eating fruits first, then eating, adjusting the eating procedures; high cellulose intake and food diversification, as long as the physical condition is acceptable, eat a daily meal of miscellaneous grains, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam, taro, etc; control the intake of meat, oil and salt, daily salt does not exceed 6 grams, increase water. Fruits, milk, cereals, potatoes.

At the same time, do not eat moldy food, restrict high energy density food, avoid sugary drinks, restrict the intake of red meat, avoid processed meat products. It is not recommended to use dietary supplements to prevent cancer in order to meet nutritional needs through the diet itself. Wang Longde emphasized.

Source: Responsible Editor of Science and Technology Daily: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331