Chairmans Wish: May Messi have a cup of Maotai with Chinese fans

 Chairmans Wish: May Messi have a cup of Maotai with Chinese fans

In April 12th, cultural Moutai, colorful Guizhou, one belt and one road entered the Argentina tasting conference. Representatives from China and Argentina came to drink Moutai together.

On the spot, Li Baofang, Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of Maotai Group, who has been in charge of post adjustment for one year, delivered a speech entitled Let the heart of culture cherish each other and deepen into a Drunken Beauty Tango of destiny community.

I have a wish for many years. If possible, I would like to invite Mr. Messi to have a glass of Maotai with Chinese fans. Li Baofang said.

Political Affairs noted that in May last year, Li Baofang, then Secretary and general manager of the Maotai Group Party Committee, became chairman of the Group, and Yuan Renguo, former chairman, officially stepped down.

According to public information, Li Baofang graduated from Guizhou Institute of Finance and Economics and worked for many years in Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province. He was the vice-director, vice-mayor, Secretary of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee, the Political and Legal Committee, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and the Standing Vice-mayor of the Meat Joint Factory.

In September 2003, he was transferred to the enterprise as the general manager of Guizhou Development and Investment Company, ranked as a leading cadre, and later served as deputy director of Guizhou Economic and Trade Commission, secretary and director of the Party Group of Guizhou Economic and Credit Commission.

In August 2015, Li Baofang was appointed Secretary and General Manager of the Party Committee of Maotai Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors last May.

In line with the speech delivered on April 12, Li Baofang has been chairman of Maotai Group for one year and has pioneered territory in the field of football.

In November last year, Maotai Group signed a partnership with the Italian Football Club Inter Milan and produced Limited Liquor for the 110th anniversary of Inter Milan.

At the same time, he also opened up overseas markets and was invited to his home by the former President of Chile.

On April 9, former Chilean President Eduardo Frey invited Li Baofang to his private residence, along with Zhang Deqin, deputy general manager of Maotai Group. Todays visit to the home of former President Frey is not only a personal privilege, but also a reflection of the friendship between the two countries. Li Baofang said.

During this period, Li Baofang also made a statement on the stock price of liquor stock which shareholders are more concerned about.

On April 4, he attended a promotional event and said, Todays stock market has witnessed a landmark event, Wuliangyes share price exceeds 100 yuan. On that day, Wuliangyes stock price broke through 100 yuan and became the fourth 100 yuan liquor stock.

He once commented on Maotais stock price: I hope that Maotais stock is the carrier for investors to share Maotais value, not the chip of short-term game; Maotais stock price is the real embodiment of Maotais value, rather than the emotional follow-up, or even speculative venture which contributes to the rise of Maotais value.

Source: Responsible Editor of Political News: Yang Yi_NBJ10647