Haiba in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, was sentenced to 25 yearsimprisonment: monopolizing seafood market and seizing windfall profits

 Haiba in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, was sentenced to 25 yearsimprisonment: monopolizing seafood market and seizing windfall profits

Today, the Zhanjiang Intermediate Peoples Court publicly handed down a final judgment on the criminal case of the appellant Liang Huai and others in accordance with the law, ruling to reject the appeal of 33 people such as Liang Huai and maintain the conviction and sentencing in the original trial. Liang Huai was sentenced to 25 yearsimprisonment, a fine of 2.05 million yuan, confiscation of all personal property and deprivation of political rights for four years. Year.

Monopoly of seafood market for windfall profits

After trial, the court found that since the mid-1990s, Liang Huai had gathered others to control the crab acquisition market in Jianghong Town under the name of Flying Company, which had not been registered by industry and commerce, using violent means, and gradually formed a criminal organization of triad nature with many members and clear division of labor. Subsequently, the organization gradually controlled the acquisition market of jellyfish and conch in Jianghong Town and its adjacent waters, wharf by means of compulsory acquisition, compulsory pricing, intimidation, drive-out and beating up fishermen and other purchasers, which further expanded its sphere of influence and seized huge illegal interests. In the individual bank accounts of the organization seized at the time of the incident alone, the illegal revenue involved in monopolizing the seafood market amounted to more than 60 million yuan.

Using Threat to Rent Land

In 2017, Liang Huai contracted a photovoltaic power company in Jianghong Town, Hetou Town photovoltaic power construction rental land, green seedling compensation and other projects, which instructed members of the triad organization to forcibly rent villagersland, destroy villagers crops, and then use intimidation to force villagers to agree to rent land and accept compensation for green seedlings. Some villagers blocked the construction of the project because they were dissatisfied with the behavior of Liang Huai and others. In order to improve the deterrence of the organization and prevent other villages from preventing construction, Liang Huai collected more than 200 social idle personnel, including members of the organization, ignored the persuasion of public security police and government staff, and scolded, threatened and even beaten villagers, causing mass incidents, causing adverse social impact.

Liang Huai and members of his organization also carried out forced transactions, extortion of public and private property, arbitrary beating of others, arbitrary damage to public and private property, illegal detention and beating of others, deliberately destroying other peoples property, defrauding the states poverty alleviation funds, unauthorized mining of sand without a mining permit, robbing other peoples property, knowing that the proceeds of crime are still purchased. And other illegal and criminal acts.

In the opinion of the Zhanjiang Intermediate Court, the main facts identified in the original trial are clear, the evidence is solid and sufficient, the conviction is accurate, the sentencing is appropriate, and the trial procedure is legal, so the above-mentioned ruling was made.

Relatives of the appellant, representatives of the Municipal Peoples Congress and media reporters attended the sentencing.

Source: Shi Jianle_NBJ11331, Responsible Editor of Guangdong Provincial Higher Peoples Court