660,000 Purchases of Oil Leakage China Daily: Who Pushed a Female Car Owner on the Engine Cover

 660,000 Purchases of Oil Leakage China Daily: Who Pushed a Female Car Owner on the Engine Cover

Mercedes-Benz oil spill owner meets 4S shop owner to record and expose the conversation! The owners whole journey high energy (source:)

With the involvement of market regulators and the delayed arrival of Mercedes-Benz headquarters, it is expected that the oil spill of Mercedes-Benz vehicles will be clarified and consumers will be given a fair play. But the reflection caused by the incident should not end. The woman owner said in the video that the hotline was left unattended, so how many times did she go through without help before the event turned into an event of public opinion? Did market managers intervene in time? Difficulty in safeguarding rights has long been a common feeling of consumers. It is necessary for regulators to improve the level of supervision, not to force every consumer whose rights and interests are damaged onto the roof!

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Female Mercedes-Benz owners do not accept apologies from 4S stores: to avoid overweight charges is to neglect indiscriminate charges

Wang Qian said that she did not know the reason for paying the fee, nor did she get the invoice. You said what fee to pay, I paid it all. Until yesterday, at the reminder of my netizens, I didnt know that this fee was a Mercedes-Benz financial service fee. What is the basis of the fee? I cheated the fee without knowing it, and paid the money to individuals to show that your Mercedes-Benz company avoided repetition. Light, indiscriminate charges, refuse to admit, do not know the meaning of negotiation?

Industry insiders talk about women Mercedes-Benz ownersrights protection: or damaged vehicles are sold at the original price

The new car engine purchased by Xian women car owners has problems, which is likely to cause bumps in the transportation process. In long-distance transportation, some vehicles will be damaged. If there are damages, 4S stores will report to the manufacturers. In view of the loss, they will reduce the price of vehicles, such as the original price of 1 million, and after the loss is reported, it will become 800,000.