Seven people were injured by a tornado in Medvedev and a large number of residents were without electricity.

 Seven people were injured by a tornado in Medvedev and a large number of residents were without electricity.

BEIJING, April 14 (CNN) -- Texas police and local media said that at least seven people were injured after a tornado hit the ground with a severe thunderstorm on April 13, destroying Franklin, a small town in eastern Texas. Franklin is about 105 kilometers southeast of Waco, Texas. In addition, many residents have no electricity because of the collapse of power poles caused by tornadoes.

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It is reported that a woman trapped under the wreckage of a mobile house was lucky to be rescued, but she was seriously injured and her life was in danger. The storm hit Franklin badly, Robertson County Police Department warned on the Internet. Those who are unable to enter the church should go directly to the church. At least two mobile homes were damaged by tornadoes, many vehicles overturned and poles collapsed, leaving many residents without electricity. It is reported that the population of Franklin is about 1500.

Reported that thunderstorms hit Texas and a large area of the southern United States, and power blackouts were also reported in nearby neighborhoods. The National Weather Administration warned Wednesday that the risk of severe weather in Texas, Louisiana, southern Arkansas, Mississippi and Western Alabama is increasing.

Eulevik, a meteorologist at the Space Meteorological Forecast Center, said that the authorities rarely issued a level 4 high-risk warning in the fifth level, meaning that there could be a long, wide-ranging and powerful storm. It highlights the extent of the threat, he said.

Heavy rain fell in parts of Texas and Louisiana on the morning of the 13th local time. The Meteorological Bureau predicted that the Maximum gust in Texas was 113 kilometers per hour in an instant, while the maximum hail diameter was 5 centimeters.

Ohio Valley and the southeastern region are within storm range. The impact will be most severe this morning and evening, and then it is expected to slow down as the storm moves eastward, he said.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Liu Yuxin_NBJS7825