Kunming Black Boss is publicly tried for alleged violent manipulation of prostitution gambling market

 Kunming Black Boss is publicly tried for alleged violent manipulation of prostitution gambling market

Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from Yunnan Peoples Procuratorate that from April 10 to 11, 23 defendants such as Zhu Guangmin, who was prosecuted by the Jinning District Procuratorate of Kunming City, were suspected of organizing, leading, participating in the crime of gangster-like organization, extortion, gambling, robbery, intentional injury, aggression, aggression, provocation, prostitution, assisting in organizing prostitution and detention. Introduce the crime of prostitution and the crime of opening a casino, and open a court session in Jinning District Court.

The public prosecution accused that since 2014, the defendant Zhu Guangmin has invited Gao Jun and others to engage in illegal gambling activities in Yuxi Hongta District, Jinning Kunyang and other places. In the process of gambling illegal activities, the defendant gradually formed an underworld-like organization with clear organizers and leaders, basically fixed backbone members and a large number of people, taking relatives, friends and fellow townsmen as a link, holding a group for heating and giving lectures as conditions.

The defendant Zhu Guangmin is the organizer and leader of the underworld-like organization. The defendant Chen Xianyong and others are the basic and fixed backbone members. The defendant Wang Kansheng and others are the general participants. Zhu Guangmin, by providing financial resources for the members of the organization, paying for living and medical expenses, organizing members to travel, and even after the incident, still arranges for Li Xun to go to the detention center to deliver property to Wang Dong, Zhu Meng and others in custody.

In December 2016, Zhu Guangmin threw Gao Jun out of the organization by beating him violently and cutting off his financial resources. The organization has formed an underworld-like organization with the premise of maintaining Zhu Guangmins illegal authority and establishing a strong position, with violence or threat of violence as the main means, and with the common purpose of gaining benefits through controlling illegal industries such as yellow and gambling.

Under Zhu Guangmins leadership, the organization uses violence as its main means to strengthen its momentum and expand its influence by carrying out criminal acts such as robbery, mass fighting and intentional injury.

Since the end of 2014, Tianxin Village, Zhangjiacun Underground Prostitution Market and the Underground Gambling Market in the vicinity of Kunyang City have been controlled through violence, threats of violence, harassment and hegemony struggle. Economic benefits have been obtained illegally by collecting protection fees and organizing prostitution.

As of December 2017, the organization used extortion, gambling, robbery, organizing prostitution, detaining and introducing prostitution and other illegal means to obtain economic benefits totalling more than 720,000 yuan. Members of the organization use illegal profits to maintain their daily expenses, purchase knives and other criminal tools, and engage in illegal activities such as gambling.

Under the leadership of Zhu Guangmin, the organization has purchased steel tubes, knives and tools to make explosives. On many occasions, it has committed such criminal acts as provocation, deliberate injury, gathering and fighting in Tianxincun, Zhangjiacun, Performing Arts Bar and KTV Club of Kunyang Street Office in Jinning District of Kunming City. Through the implementation of a series of criminal activities, more people fear and fear, resulting in illegal influence, and then provide violent support for the organization to control the underground prostitution market and gambling market.

Under Zhu Guangmins leadership, the organization carried out such criminal acts as provocation, intentional injury, gathering and fighting, which resulted in serious injuries to one person (level 2), five minor injuries and six minor injuries. It has seriously violated the peoples personal and property rights, and has formed an illegal dominant position and bad influence in Kunyang. Local people involved in yellow and gambling are afraid to report and accuse because of fear of retaliation when they are oppressed. They can only succumb to the strong position and illegal order of the organization.

Members of the organization repeatedly engaged in armed fights in public places such as streets and KTV clubs. They bullied the ordinary people living in Kunyang area wantonly, which had a serious impact on the safety of the people and seriously damaged the order of social life.

The above-mentioned acts have violated the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law of the Peoples Republic of China. The criminal facts are clear and the evidence is accurate and sufficient. They should be organized, led, participated in the crime of gangland-like organization, extortion, gambling, robbery, intentional injury, aggression, provocation, organizing prostitution, assisting in organizing prostitution, tolerating, introducing prostitution and opening casinos. The criminal responsibility of each defendant shall be investigated separately for crimes and other crimes.

The case will be adjudicated on a selective basis.

Source: Beijing Headline Responsible Editor: Pan Qingqing_NBJS5830