An investigation team has been set up in a village of Henan Province to deforest 10,000 square meters of parking lot.

 An investigation team has been set up in a village of Henan Province to deforest 10,000 square meters of parking lot.

Today, Dengfeng Municipal Law Commission reported that the plot is located at the junction of Sanguanmiao Village and Fanjiamen Village in Tangzhuang Town. On October 22, 2018, people reported that Tangzhuang Town of Dengfeng City had destroyed forest land. Dengfeng Forestry Public Security Bureau quickly organized the police to stop illegal acts on the spot and organize investigation. After investigation, Fan Mou, director of the village committee of Fanjiamen Village in Tangzhuang Town, destroyed forest land and built parking lot without the approval of the competent forestry authorities, illegally occupying 26.517 mu of forest land. The case was established as a criminal investigation on November 8, 2018. The suspect Fan Mou has taken compulsory measures and transferred to review and prosecute. At present, the case is in the stage of review and prosecution.

At the same time, the Tangzhuang Town Government, in conjunction with the forestry department, is making great efforts to restore planting of deforested land and to compensate the owners of the forest land as soon as possible in accordance with the law and regulations. On the issue of Fan Mous son succeeding the village committee director, the local government has initiated corresponding procedures, and the staff have been stationed in the local area for investigation and verification.

At present, Dengfeng Municipal Committee and Municipal Government have set up a joint investigation team headed by the Political and Legal Committee and composed of forestry, land and civil affairs departments. The next step is to conduct investigations in accordance with the law.

Tens of thousands of square trees have been destroyed in an illegal parking lot for tourism in a village in Henan Province

According to Voice of China: Recently, residents of Tangzhuang Town in Dengfeng City, Henan Province, reported to Voice of China that in order to cooperate with village tourism development, local parking lots should be built, while Fanjia Village, located in Tangzhuang Town, under the command of village cadres, opened hills and dredged ditches to make land, totally destroying 26 mu of woodland, resulting in heavy losses to villagers who contracted woodland returned according to relevant local departments. It should be said that the director of the village committee has been suspended and the case has entered the stage of examination and prosecution.