Six-year-old girl died 2 days after entering martial arts school. Her chest and abdomen were bruised.

 Six-year-old girl died 2 days after entering martial arts school. Her chest and abdomen were bruised.

So far, Mr. and Mrs. Deng have not known the exact cause of their daughters death. Reporter investigation found that before her death, Deng Lin suspected to have physical conflicts with the coaches and classmates of the martial arts school.

On April 9, 21 hours later, Deng Haichao and Li Qian of Wuan City, Hebei Province, had a bad news.

Two days ago, the couple just sent their 6-and-a-half-year-old daughter Deng Lin (pseudonym) to a Shaolin Xiaolong Wushu School in Dengfeng City, Henan Province (hereinafter referred to as Xiaolong Wushu School).

Li Qian recalled that the next afternoon, they visited their daughters dormitory, and then on their way back to Wuan, they called her again. The daughter sounded very happy and asked her parents if they were home and her brother if he was obedient. Its very good. I said it for two minutes.

Unexpectedly, this telephone has become their and their daughters eternal farewell.

At 10:20 a.m. on April 9, Deng Haichao received a phone call from Sun Yanxiao, director of the special care department of Xiaolongwu University, saying that the child is being rescued in the hospital. Forty minutes later, they received Suns second call on the highway, saying that the child died of ineffective rescue.

Photos of Deng Lin before her death. Respondents Map

So far, Mr. and Mrs. Deng have not known the exact cause of their daughters death. New Beijing News reporters found that before her death, Deng Lin was suspected of having physical conflicts with her Wushu coaches and classmates. After the incident, the school said that several key cameras had malfunctioned, and only a blurred surveillance video recorded the incident a few minutes before the suspected Deng Lins death. In order to compete for the video file, Mr. and Mrs. Deng and their relatives and friends had clashed with the staff of the martial arts school.

Reporters from the Beijing News called Xiaolongwu School many times, and a staff member said, She (Deng Lin) is sick herself, and nobody beats her in the school. But the family insisted that Deng Lin was in good health before she entered school.

It is reported that Dengfeng Municipal Public Security Bureau has intervened in the investigation. On the evening of April 11, the body of the child was transferred from the hospital to the autopsy center of Dengfeng Public Security Bureau, and the autopsy work has not yet started.

Pre-rescue death

On April 9, at the funeral home, Mr. and Mrs. Deng saw their deceased daughter. The face and mouth are blue and purple, a little black. A photograph taken during the process of transferring the body shows that Deng Lins left chest and abdomen are bruised. Deng Haichao suspected that he had been kicked.

A first aid medical record provided by family members from Dengfeng Peoples Hospital shows that the treatment place is Xiaolongwu School (hospital), and the doctor arrived at the patient at 9:56 am on April 9.

Thirty minutes ago, the patient was found unconscious by the teachers, and should not be called, accompanied by incontinence of urine and urine. The patient unconsciously and spontaneously breathed, pupils dilated and fixed, electrocardiogram was straight line, informing the family members and schools of the child, agreed to give up rescue.

The preliminary diagnosis column shows that the patient died before rescue.

Emergency Medical Records issued by Dengfeng Peoples Hospital show that the patient died before rescue. Respondents Map

A surveillance video from the clinic of Xiaolongwu School showed that at 9:42 on that day, Deng Lin was carried to the clinic by several students. Medical staff took pulse and cardiopulmonary resuscitation for Deng Lin successively, and the rescue lasted for about three minutes.

At 9:46, Deng Lin was carried outside the clinic. At 9:49, a video taken by a monitoring probe outside the east school gate showed that Deng Lin was lifted to the cement ground behind the guard pavilion. Three people took over for Deng Lin to perform CPR for more than six minutes until the ambulance arrived.

On April 12 and 13, journalists from the Beijing News twice went to the Emergency Department and Medical Department of Dengfeng Peoples Hospital to learn about the situation on that day, but staff members said that unless the judicial organs had obtained information, they could not provide information.

In this pre-hospital emergency medical record, the person responsible for the signature is Sun Yanxiao (teacher). On April 13, the reporter contacted Sun Yanxiao, director of special care department of Xiaolongwu School by telephone, but after hearing the reporters identity, Sun hung up immediately.

At present, Deng Lins body has been sent to Dengfeng Municipal Public Security Bureau Autopsy Center. Mr. and Mrs. Deng believed that their daughter had obvious signs of beating outside and had seen surveillance videos on the day of the incident on campus. It can prove that the child was indeed beaten. They did not agree with autopsy for the time being.

Have you ever been beaten?

Li Qian told the Beijing News that on the evening of April 9, she and her husband were in the dormitory of the special care department where their daughter lived. Some classmates told them that Deng Lin had been trained twice that morning by her coach. The first time she was in the training room, the second time she was outside the training room.

Another student told Li Qian that time in the training room, the coach kicked with his foot.

Li Qian said they filmed the inquiry process, but did not provide the video.

According to Red Star News, a principal surnamed Chen of Wushu School said that Wushu classes were held from 8.30 am to 9.30 am on the day of the incident.

On April 13, the reporter saw in Xiaolongwu School that Deng Lins Wushu Training Room, located in the north of a training ground of the school, was close to the clinic. At 9:30, a group of students came out of the training room after class. Three students told reporters that Deng Lin had been beaten by her coach during training that day.

When asked where to call, two students called it in the training hall. Some students said that the coach just hit it lightly.

At noon on April 14, Deng Lins coach Huang Yanan denied to reporters that she had beaten her child in the morning of the incident. He said that after nine oclock training in the morning, Deng Lin, like other children, took three laps in the training room and sat down to rest. Until the class was over at 9:30, Deng Lin said she wanted to go to the toilet, so he let the children go.

A student told reporters that after 9:30 training that day, Deng Lin wanted to go to the toilet, and after going out, fainted on the other side of the stairs.

On the west side of the training ground, there are two rows of more than ten steps. Video surveillance provided by family members showed that at 9:33 a.m. on April 9, a pudgy student with a body similar to Deng Lin was walking through the crowd to the side of the ladder. At this time, it is the studentsrest time, and the training ground is crowded with students, sitting or standing. Most of the students in the picture are wearing red school uniforms and black sports pants.

On the evening of April 12, the students of Xiaolongwu School were training. The place above the steps is suspected to have occurred. Photographed by Zhang Huilan, a reporter of the Beijing News

Video surveillance showed that the student, who resembled Deng Lin (hereinafter referred to as Student A), went to the bottom of the left side of the ladder, raised his right leg and stepped up a step. Somehow, he stayed there for about 30 seconds. In the picture, only one figure with a ricketed waist could be seen. Subsequently, several tall students came together, and the student A made three evictions by waving his left arm.

At 9:36, the students left-handed railings, climbed to the top of more than a dozen steps, slightly laborious action. Upon reaching the top of the ladder, student A turns right and disappears at the top of the right railing.

After 9:37, several students came to the place one after another. One of them jumped forward and backward and made a fist and kick on what. Because of the barrier and the distance between the camera, the picture was blurred, and it was impossible to see whether he had physical contact with the students armor.

Around 9:39, Student A runs left and right on the platform above the stairs, seemingly throwing his hands to drive the students around. The video shows that the chase lasted for about a minute. In the next minute, Student A seemed to stop behind the railings, and the students gradually left.

At 9:41, students fell to the ground, and students came to watch one after another. Subsequently, five or six students lifted the students armour down the stairs, slanted across the playground, and carried it to the right of the picture, that is, the direction of the clinic.

The surveillance video was obtained by family members from the school. Li Qian said that in the evening of April 10, after many negotiations, family members saw the monitoring in the school. When he saw his daughter suspected of being beaten, Li Qian was so emotional that he shouted, My child was beaten. The school staff immediately went to pull out the U-disk and was snatched by Deng Haichao.

On April 13, the reporter contacted a principal surnamed Chen of Xiaolongwu School. Regarding whether the coach hit the child or not, the principal said, The whole thing, Dengfeng Public Security Bureau is investigating. No one was caught. Whats your question?

What happened in the training room on the day of the incident, the school did not provide relevant surveillance video. Li Qian told the Beijing News that on the morning of April 12, they went to the Criminal Police Force of the Public Security Bureau to inquire about the progress. The police told them that the hard disk of the video surveillance taken from the school had been restored. Only four cameras could be used, while the cameras of the childrens dormitory and the training room on that day were under repair.

A reporter from the Beijing News asked President Chen about this. As of the time of publication, no reply was received.


Deng Lin, who lives in Wuan City, Hebei Province, was in pre-school. Li Qian said that her daughter is only 6 and a half years old and weighs 50 kilograms. When she saw a child with an acquaintance who had gone to a local martial arts school in Dengfeng, she lost 20 kilograms in less than half a year, so she wanted her daughter to go to the martial arts school to exercise.

As a girl, Deng Lin is much fatter than her peers.

Because their daughters are going to primary school by September, they plan to let their daughters attend school for only half a year. According to the receipt, they did pay only half a years tuition fee, totaling 10,000 yuan. Because Deng Lin is young, she belongs to the special care department of Xiaolongwu School after enrollment.

Deng Lin lived in the special care dormitory. Photographed by Zhang Huilan, a reporter of the Beijing News

On April 12, when a reporter from the Beijing News called Xiaolongwu School, a staff member said, She (Deng Lin) is ill herself, and nobody in the school called her. Then hang up the phone.

Family members denied this statement. Deng Lins grandfather told the Beijing News that his granddaughter was brought up by him and was always in good health. He hasnt even caught a cold all the year round. The only problem was that she was fat.

Li Qian said that in the first month of the lunar calendar this year, she had just taken her children to Hebei Childrens Hospital for a physical examination, but because nothing, no (physical examination report).

She issued a receipt of fees for Xiaolong Wushu School in Dengfeng City on April 7, 2019, which showed that the 10,000 yuan half-year special care for children program included 100 yuan for medical examination. Li Qian said that she did not know whether the school had given her children a physical examination.

On this issue, a reporter from the Beijing News called the admission office of Wushu University for consultation. A staff member said that after freshmen enter school, they usually arrange a physical examination within one week. Children who have not had a physical examination can not arrange training according to reason.

On the second day of Deng Lins admission, she was in time for school holidays, and on the third morning something happened. The above-mentioned staff said they were not sure whether Deng Lin had a physical examination, but from a time point of view, it should not be too late.

Star martial arts school

Xiaolong Wushu School was chosen by Deng and his wife after they took Deng Lin to visit three Wushu schools because they thought Xiaolong Wushu School was quite scalable.

April 14, Songshan Shaolin Xiaolong Wushu School entrance. Photographed by Zhang Huilan, a reporter of the Beijing News

According to the introduction of the schools official website, Songshan Shaolin Xiaolong Wushu School was established in 1980, the earliest Shaolin Wushu College in China, and one of the three major educational groups approved by the Dengfeng Municipal Committee and the Dengfeng Municipal Government. The school has more than 12,000 students and is qualified to recruit foreign students with the approval of the public security and education administrative departments.

Scroll the banner picture of Xiaolongs endorsement on the front page of the official website. Chen Tongshan, the principal of the school, is the father of actor Shi Xiaolong.

Photos of actor Shi Xiaolong can be seen everywhere in the school. A promotional board was dedicated to posting posters of films and TV plays starring Shi Xiaolong and his photos with many celebrities. In the hall on the first floor of the teaching building, besides displaying the movie and TV star show including Xiaolong Shi, many elite students have also been shown in the exhibition area.

According to the owner of a supermarket, Xiaolong Wushu School is one of the three largest Wushu schools in Dengfeng, in addition to many small-scale Wushu schools.

When a reporter from the Beijing News visited the school, more than one student told the reporter that he had been beaten by a coach. An 11-year-old boy said that when he did not perform well, such as running unevenly, the coach would hit the student with a stick or fist. He even saw the coach break the stick.

A junior three student told reporters that freshmen are usually easy to be beaten by coaches, he himself has been more than a hundred sticks, two at a time, up to ten sticks, but usually one day can be good.

Fighting is also common among students. The 11-year-old boy said that when he first came, he was bullied by a class leader who was three or four years old and often beaten.

A junior one boy from Guizhou told the Beijing News that he had seen at least ten student fights in the two months of his entrance, usually provoking others to scold others.

Li Qian told the Beijing News that on April 12 and 13, the school sent people to inquire about family reconciliation intentions many times, but at present no party has given a definite explanation of Deng Lins death.

Beijing News reporter learned from the propaganda section of Dengfeng Public Security Bureau on April 12 that the local police had intervened in the investigation.

Source: Author of New Beijing News: Zhang Huilian Editor: Li Hang_BJS4645